Local Company uses AI to Bring Screening to the Point of Care

Edmonton Innovator Develops World-Class Technology to Drive Better Outcomes

EDMONTON, Alberta, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Health City is pleased to announce a collaboration between MEDO.ai, WestView Primary Care Network and Alberta Innovates to initiate a key pilot study of MEDO.ai’s artificial intelligence-augmented 3D ultrasound platform.

Edmonton-based MEDO.ai, following their “Engineering of the Future” award from Falling Walls Venture 2019 in Berlin, and has been accepted into the Alberta Innovates’ Accelerating Innovation into Care (AICE) – Market Access Program. AICE is a key entrepreneurial ecosystem support program that provides digital health tech companies in Alberta with the opportunity to implement their innovative solutions in a real-world setting anywhere in North America.  

“We could not be more excited about our partnership with the WestView Primary Care Network and Health City,” stated David Quail, MEDO.ai’s Vice President, Technology. “This partnership not only represents an opportunity to prevent hip osteoarthritis for thousands of Albertans every year but is also a critical step towards delivering MEDO.ai’s artificial intelligence-based products into care. We now have the opportunity to deliver a service to remote and rural communities, which would normally only be available at large hospital centres.”

By introducing this innovative new technology at the point of care, the solution has the potential to be deployed in remote communities that do not have ready access to major centres and hospitals. Early intervention drives better patient outcomes and reduces overall costs to the system.

“This is a fabulous example of the kind of collaboration that can occur between primary care and the other parts of the health care system to bring better care to more of our population. It is a real opportunity to promote better health care solutions through innovation,” stated Dr. Allan Bailey, Director of Research and Evaluation, WestView Physician Collaborative and WestView Primary Care Network.

“Our local innovators are working to improve the lives of Albertans in direct partnership with health care providers,” shared Dr. Antonio Bruni, Health City’s Director, Business Development. “They are developing tools and creating a platform to test these solutions in real-case settings. We recognize that funding programs, like AICE are also instrumental in moving these initiatives forward.”

Health City seeks to engage strong local leaders with a global vision. This project demonstrates the true spirit of collaboration and the potential to transform health for better outcomes and economic development. Technology in the community is the direction that health is going, and Alberta is taking a bold step to make this happen. Our region is a hub of world-class technology, talent, and innovation.

This collaboration brings innovative new technology to the point of care. Alberta-developed health care solutions provide local impact with global relevance — providing better access for patients and better tools for clinicians. Health City takes tremendous pride in showcasing the world-class technology and talent of the region.

About MEDO.ai
MEDO is an artificial intelligence technology startup company headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. MEDO builds cutting edge artificial intelligence that pairs with ultrasound devices to facilitate novice users' ability to detect common and critical conditions, even in remote and rural areas. MEDO believes that such technology will transform ultrasound for the 21st century. For more information, visit https://medo.ai/.

About Health City
Health City is an economic development organization that catalyzes, accelerates, and connects the health innovation community in Edmonton and surrounding regions. Health City promotes collaboration to create a vibrant health industry with improved health and social outcomes for our citizens. Our focus is on transforming innovations from our health sector into solutions that have commercial application and global relevance, adopting them for impact in Edmonton, and scaling them for export to global markets. For more information, visit www.edmontonhealthcity.ca.

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