LiquidX launches white-label trade finance offering for corporate banks

Executive Summary:

  • LiquidX launches its white-label trade finance offering, the LiquidX Partner Program (LPP), allowing banks to access state-of-the-art technology and reduce overhead spend.
  • LiquidX’s offering is flexible and allows for outsourcing of technology, cash management, client onboarding, and operational support to replace banks’ legacy systems and processes.
  • Banks can initiate a full-service trade finance business using LiquidX as a turn-key solution, minimizing time-to-market and upfront costs.
  • The multi-asset class white-label offering allows for bank-to-bank distribution.

NEW YORK, May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiquidX, the global network for working capital, trade finance and insurance, announced that it will now offer a white label deployment of the next-generation LiquidX 360 platform for banks to enhance their trade finance business with their corporate clients. The LiquidX Partner Program (LPP) enables corporate bankers to deliver multiple products, including supply chain finance, accounts receivables, and trade credit insurance, to their clients in a single application with the bank’s own proprietary branding. This functionality is provided on a flexible platform with an intuitive interface, and the ability to add new products in six to eight weeks.

“For years, we’ve heard from banks that they are looking to streamline their trade finance business, improve their client experience and better respond to their clients’ needs in the working capital space,” said Jim Toffey, CEO of LiquidX. “We solved for these pain-points by creating an all-in-one trade finance platform for transacting in supply chain finance, accounts receivable, and trade credit insurance. We imbedded cutting edge Business Intelligence capabilities with an aggregated Position & Risk monitor for both banks and their clients, and we are building out bank-to-bank distribution by this summer.”

“With our white label LPP program, banks can provide the best-in-class LiquidX 360 trade finance functionality directly to their clients. This will provide tremendous value in terms of operational efficiencies to corporate bankers, who can enhance their trade finance offering while reducing overhead.”

“Our white-label LPP implementation gives banks a trade finance one-stop-shop for transacting with their corporate clients,” noted Chief Revenue Officer Ali Hackett. “We give optionality with multiple flavors of our LPP offering. Clients can spin up a full-service trade finance business using LiquidX as a turn-key solution to reduce upfront spend and time-to-market. For clients with existing trade finance businesses, we provide a modular offering which includes outsourced technology, client onboarding, and operational support from LiquidX. Our primary goal is to reduce costs for our clients while improving their services. We charge nothing upfront as our fee-per-transaction model centers on scaling with our banking clients and providing white-glove service to their corporates.”

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