Proven Identity Management Creator Q5id Integrates Redrock Biometrics’ PalmID®  Palm-print Technology into Its Biometric Identification Solution

San Francisco, California

SAN FRANCISCO, May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Redrock Biometrics, a leading provider of palm-print based biometrics for authentication and identification, announced today that Q5id will integrate the PalmID® solution for its biometric enrollment and authentication solutions.

The Q5id patent-pending process leverages multiple biometric enrollment and authentication methods to prove identities and to secure transactions at the highest level. These include eight-factor authentication, live video interviews, multiple biometrics captures and active voice authentication. Q5id serves the consumer, education, financial services and telecommunications markets.

“Our focus is to go beyond authentication and prove identities, we are able to prove an organization’s customers’ digital identity and real-world identity are the same,” said Steve Larson, Q5id’s chairman and CEO. “We partnered with Redrock Biometrics due to the difficulty in spoofing palm-print technology, its very high accuracy rate and the fact that our customers would not need to install additional hardware, such as fingerprint scanners.”

Redrock Biometrics’ PalmID technology allows customers to deploy standard RGB and/or infrared cameras for capturing palm prints and/or subdermal veins to produce a highly unique palm signature. Proprietary PalmID algorithms match palm signatures for a wide range of palm positions, orientations and illumination conditions. PalmID is capable of matching a newly captured palm signature with tens of thousands of signatures stored in its database in a fraction of a second.

“Q5id needs a solution that is secure, touchless and unique,” says Redrock Biometrics co-founder Hua Yang. “The PalmID solution far outperforms competitive touchless technologies, such as face recognition, in terms of accuracy and reliability. It is the best available solution for touchless identity management, authentication and security.”

About Q5id
Q5id’s mission is to provide consumers and businesses with the most robust Proven Identity Management solution available. Through a comprehensive, powerful and frictionless biometric enrollment and authentication process, Q5id meets every customer and proves their digital identity is secure, preventing identity theft and fraud. Founded in 2019, Q5id is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Visit

About Redrock Biometrics
Redrock Biometrics, Inc. is the creator of PalmID, a patented palm-print based authentication software development kit and platform. PalmID is the first commercially-available solution combining high-performance, secure, contactless and affordable biometrics for virtually any device with a camera. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Partners include Epson, Mastercard, Samsung and Wells Fargo.

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