Hasura Announces Schedule for First User Conference as It Pushes the Boundaries of GraphQL


SAN FRANCISCO, May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hasura, the company behind the popular open source GraphQL engine, today announced the schedule for Hasura Con ‘20, a free virtual conference that will bring together its users and community for six days of learning June 3 - 5 and 8 - 10.

Hasura connects to databases and microservices and auto-generates a production-ready GraphQL backend to accelerate product development of modern, data-driven apps, and it has tens of millions of downloads and more than 16,000 GitHub stars.

“GraphQL is one of the most important application development technologies today because of its massive impact on developer productivity,” said Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura. “With Hasura, we’ve been able to make GraphQL instantly available as enterprise-grade infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on the data and use of cloud-native business logic frameworks. At Hasura Con, attendees will hear first hand about how their peers have doubled down on building applications and focusing on business logic instead of operating and maintaining GraphQL servers.”

Hasura Con ‘20 will have speakers from Airbus, Cherre, Credimi, General Assembly, GraphCMS, Krafteer, Lineup Ninja, Meow.vc, NuxtJS, Observable, OneGraph, Prefect, RESULT, Swiggy, SZTAKI, Tarbh, The Chicago Reporter, The Guild and WorkClout. Talks will include customer case studies, architecture discussions and best practices for building Hasura and GraphQL powered API platforms, complex multi-tenant applications, enterprise products and consumer applications.

Hasura Con ‘20 Schedule:

  • June 3 - 5: Hands-on workshops, run by the core Hasura team
  • June 8 - 10: Keynotes, technical sessions and user presentations

For more information and to register, simply go to: https://hasura.io/events/hasura-con-2020/.

About Hasura
Hasura provides data access and data flow tools and services via GraphQL. Hasura makes data access easy and accelerates product delivery, by instantly composing a GraphQL API that is backed by databases and services so that the developer teams (or API consumers) get immediately productive. For more information, go to: https://hasura.io or follow @HasuraHQ.

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