ThreatModeler™ Announces Amazon Web Services Security Epics Automated

Enable a Self-Service Model to Design, Build and Manage Cloud Security

Jersey City, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

JERSEY CITY, N.J., May 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThreatModeler announces AWS Security EPICS Automated, a new offering developed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services (ProServe) Security and Infrastructure Global (S&I) Specialty Practice (GSP). The offering automates and accelerates the design of secure AWS cloud environments. AWS customers can now proactively secure their cloud infrastructure using AWS’s Security Epics guidance to build a threat modeling process that drives security throughout the Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC).

ThreatModeler’s AWS Security Epics Automated solution is designed to accelerate workload migrations to the cloud with security built in. AWS customers will prioritize security early in their cloud migration design phase, reducing overall cost and effort to fix security issues from weeks to just a few hours, maximizing efficiency and ROI.

“Building a secure cloud environment is the top priority for a customer moving to and developing business critical workloads on AWS,” says Archie Agarwal, founder and CEO of ThreatModeler Software, Inc. “In their journey to the cloud, customers want to build the environment securely, prioritize implementation of security controls and get the full picture of their attack surface – including reachability to their assets.”

To scale secure migrations to the cloud, AWS ProServe S&I GSP will execute a 30-day accelerated program powered by ThreatModeler to automate AWS Security Epics backlog generation. ThreatModeler’s AWS Security Epics Automated enables a self-service model to scale secure Cloud Development Life Cycles (CDLCs) by automatically converting an architecture diagram into a threat model. AWS Security Epics Automated analyzes the live AWS service environment to validate the security controls, ensuring all threats have been mitigated. Even developers with little or no knowledge of security can build their AWS environment securely.

The threat model accelerates service adoption, helps AWS customers to prioritize their backlog for Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) development, and produces secure AWS CloudFormation output. Through ThreatModeler’s CI/CD toolchain integration with Jira, AWS customers can push backlog security requirements as issues for execution in Agile sprints.

ThreatModeler integrates with AWS services such as AWS Config, AWS Security Hub and others, to highlight threat model drift from the live environment. The integrations enable ThreatModeler users to increase sprint and Epic velocity with prescriptive guidance of AWS Security Best Practices.

An enterprise-ready solution, ThreatModeler continually helps customers to move production-ready, sensitive and business critical workloads securely to the cloud. It facilitates collaboration amongst various stakeholders and provides executive visibility on their overall AWS workload security posture.

Visit the ThreatModeler’s Security Epics Automated web page.

About ThreatModeler Software, Inc.

ThreatModeler is a commercial platform that empowers DevSecOps to protect their IT environment and applications through automated threat modeling. With a fraction of the time and cost tied to other threat modeling tools, users can design, build and manage security from development to deployment.  Teams can instantly visualize their attack surface, understand security requirements and prioritize steps to mitigate risk.  ThreatModeler executes security validation by facilitating a highly collaborative user experience that clearly articulates security posture. CISOs can make critical security-driven business decisions to scale their infrastructure for growth.

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