Health Information and Sharing Center (H-ISAC) partners with SAFE Identity to help health sector members safeguard their healthcare identities and data


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. and RESTON,Va., June 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Health Information and Sharing Center (H-ISAC), a global non-profit organization that provides the health sector a trusted community for combating cyber and physical threats, today announced that the organization has agreed to partner with SAFE Identity, formerly known as SAFE-BioPharma, an industry consortium and certification body supporting identity and cryptography in healthcare. As part of this agreement, H-ISAC members are able to take advantage of SAFE Identity programs at a reduced rate. 

“Identity is the leading cause of breaches today – but many health care organizations don’t understand why securing identity is so important, or where to get started,” said Denise Anderson, President and CEO of H-ISAC.  “Last fall, H-ISAC launched an initiative to educate the health care community on this topic and equip CISOs with tools to better approach the challenges of Identity and Access Management (IAM). H-ISAC’s partnership with SAFE is one element of this broader identity initiative.” 

Defining common requirements for identity providers that align with Digital Identity Guidelines (SP 800-63-3) and certifying identity providers against these requirements is how SAFE is supporting a strong interoperable identity in healthcare. The re-envisioning of SAFE-BioPharma and the new SAFE Identity services are further explored in the recent SAFE Identity press release.

With the renewed SAFE Identity partnership, H-ISAC members can join the SAFE Policy Management Authority (PMA), the governing body of the SAFE Identity Trust Framework, to vote on identity policies, join working groups aimed at helping healthcare organizations implement strong identity solutions, and address identity challenges faced across healthcare. As part of the partnership, H-ISAC members can federate their existing compatible identity credentials with SAFE to achieve cross-organizational trust or join the PMA as relying parties, both at discounted rates.

H-ISAC offers a portfolio of products and services that have been identified and developed specifically for health sector members. Strategic in nature, these low cost or no-cost solutions help member organizations to develop and maintain an effective, long-term defense. SAFE furthers these goals by brokering identity services to healthcare organizations including the ability to rely on the SAFE Identity infrastructure and to consult the SAFE Qualified Products List (QPL), a list of certified products that have been lab-tested at SAFE for compliance against industry and member-driven requirements, both at no cost.

“We are eager to start putting the re-envisioned SAFE ecosystem into practice,” said Kyle Neuman, the new managing director of SAFE Identity. “Existing members can continue to utilize the ecosystem for the use cases and principles on which SAFE-BioPharma was founded while also taking advantage of the new capabilities SAFE is bringing to the table. As we examine the future, we look forward to advising H-ISAC on the principles necessary to leverage a federated infrastructure and start tackling the most pressing identity challenges in healthcare including TEFCA and health information exchange, identification of medical devices, blockchain technology, and achieving a true portable patient ID that can be used across healthcare.”

About Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC)
Created in 2010, Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center is recognized as the official ISAC for the health sector.  H-ISAC is a member-driven organization that offers the sector a trusted community and forum for coordinating, collaborating, and sharing vital threat intelligence and best practices. Members are able to use this knowledge to strengthen their defenses and minimize the effect of threat actors around the world. 

About SAFE Identity
SAFE Identity provides an ecosystem for identity assurance in the health sector to enable trust, security, and user convenience. SAFE assures identities and data in virtual clinical trials, telehealth, medical devices, and trusted data exchanges in supply chains through free and membership-driven services. These services operationalize the use of SAFE Identity-certified credentials and applications tailored to healthcare organizations, partners, and patients.

SOURCE: Health Information Security and Analysis Center and SAFE Identity

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