Zen Leaf Enters New Jersey Medical Market with New Dispensary in Elizabeth

Elizabeth, NJ, June 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zen Leaf, a leading cannabis dispensary brand, today announced its latest expansion effort, joining the New Jersey (“NJ”) medical cannabis market with a new retail facility (known as “ATCs” or alternative treatment centers in NJ) opened this past weekend. The established cannabis retailer, which already operates dispensaries across six states & Puerto Rico, welcomes the New Jersey medical cannabis community to its new storefront at 117 Spring Street in Elizabeth.

“Our mission is to help guide patients along their path to wellness and elevated quality of life. That pursuit feels ever more important in times like these,” said George Archos, CEO of Verano NJ. “We are extremely grateful to the NJ Department of Health for their considerable efforts in helping us get up and running amidst extraordinary circumstances. Their support enables us to do what we do best; to help our patients and communities by making effective medical cannabis solutions accessible and identifying tailored regimens to address to individual needs.”

In accordance with guidelines set forth by health authorities, Zen Leaf is operating with capacity limits until further notice. But the dispensary is open and seeing patients.

“This isn’t how we’d envisioned our grand opening, but we’ve adapted, and our primary concern is providing attentive patient care while keeping our team and community out of harm’s way as best we can. For now, that means observing social distancing but making ourselves available to support patients in any way we can,” Archos continued.

The Zen Leaf procurement process has been refined over years of cumulative experience across their retail network. The result is a comprehensive menu of quality products that meet the myriad needs of the patient population – working with the state’s top cultivators and processors to offer medical cannabis therapies in all available formats. This includes, but is not limited to flower, vapes, lozenges, topicals & tinctures.

Stay tuned for more details of Zen Leaf’s ongoing activities at www.zenleafdispensaries.com and via social media @zenleafdispensaries.

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About Zen Leaf

Zen Leaf is a dispensary brand dedicated to enriching its patients’ quality of life by providing safe access to lab-tested, premium medical cannabis products. Zen Leaf stewards the communities in which it operates and creates employment opportunities for its residents. Zen Leaf facilities ensure an exceptional shopping experience with an emphasis on attentive, individualized patient care. Zen Leaf puts forth an extensive menu of medical cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, edibles, tablets and topicals, in precision-dosed THC and CBD formulations, from the most coveted cultivators/processors in New Jersey.


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