Clever Leaves Granted Good Agricultural and Collecting Practices (GACP) Certification

Colombian Cultivation and Harvest Facilities Comply with Global Quality Standards for Medical Cannabis Production

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

BOGOTÁ, Colombia, June 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clever Leaves (the “Company”), a leading multi-national operator (MNO) and licensed producer of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis and hemp extracts, has been granted Good Agricultural and Collecting Practices (GACP) Certification by the CUMCS (Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard), after meeting the CUMCS’ guidelines for quality and consistency in the cultivation and harvest of medical cannabis. The new certification further enables Clever Leaves to export pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products to international markets.

CUMCS standards provide general technical guidance on obtaining high-quality medicinal plant materials for the sustainable production of herbal products classified as medicinal products. CUMCS, designed to ensure top quality product and consistency in production, is a renowned global standard for medical cannabis certification. The certification by CUMCS validates Clever Leaves’ standardized practices and procedures throughout the agricultural and collecting process. It also required review and approval of Clever Leaves’ trained personnel practices, use of qualified equipment, and documentation and approval procedures. In addition, the certification attests that the Company operates under procedures to produce crops that are free of heavy metals and agrochemicals and protocols for biodiversity safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

“GACP certification reflects Clever Leaves’ ability to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis as well as our adherence to stringent operational standards. Achieving internationally-recognized quality guidelines will enable us to bring value at every touch point of the supply chain,” said Kyle Detwiler, CEO of Clever Leaves.

“Clever Leaves has once again proven the quality of its operation and the rigor of its procedures, highlighting the talent and dedication of a multidisciplinary and highly trained team. Patients around the world can be confident that Clever Leaves raw materials meet internationally-recognized standards for freedom from heavy metals or agrochemicals,” said Andres Fajardo, President of Clever Leaves.

Control Union Certifications, a Dutch based leading worldwide certification body, is a global leader in medical cannabis certification. The CUMCS certification standard is based on GACP guidelines of The World Health Organization (WHO), the GACP Guidelines of the European Medicines Agency, Guidelines of the Dutch Government for Cannabis for Medical Use, and the International Standard for Good Agriculture Practice. CUMCS certified cultivation sites are compliant with these GACP Guidelines. CUMCS examines the consistency of medicinal plants and the quality of process for propagation, growing, cultivation, drying and packaging, among other areas.

About Clever Leaves

Clever Leaves is a multi-national cannabis company with a mission to operate in compliance with federal and state laws and with an emphasis on ecologically sustainable, large-scale cultivation and pharmaceutical-grade processing as the cornerstones of its global cannabis business. With operations and investments in Canada, Colombia, Germany, Portugal and the United States, Clever Leaves helps the partners in its ecosystem grow rapidly and contribute value to the global community. Its objective is to be one of the industry’s leading global cannabis companies recognized for its principles, people, and performance while fostering a healthier global community.

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