VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovative software developed by a team of local doctors and software developers helps families access “virtual” video visits with pediatricians.

The software, called Cortico, uses video technology to connect patients to pediatric specialists at a time when many doctors’ offices are limiting in-person visits due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“The current situation makes it difficult for patients to access any medical care, let alone for children who require a pediatrician,” explains co-creator and pediatrician Dr. Greg Baldwin, “the current telehealth video platforms connect you to a generic family doctor who doesn’t know you and has no access to your medical chart. Cortico connects you to your own family doctor or pediatrician who can access your medical chart and its information about past health, medications and test results.”

Using unique healthcare connectivity technology, Cortico allows patients to register online, then choose their own family doctor or specialist before selecting a date and time for either a video or telephone appointment.

Tested in a Burnaby pediatric clinic, Cortico has allowed hundreds of parents and children to visit their pediatrician or family doctor at a time when most people are still staying close to home.

“Those who have used or seen Cortico’s video medicine system have been overwhelmingly positive – as a result it is now being used by over 100 doctors in the province. We’re excited to offer it to pediatricians and the children they care for,” Dr. Baldwin says, concluding that “if used widely throughout BC, long waits for children to see pediatric specialists will be minimized, especially during this difficult time.”