Wellness Company Be Vivid You Study Shows Americans Split Over Reopening

Ready to Return to Personal Services and Health Care; Other Industries to Struggle

CHICAGO, June 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- America will remain more sheltered than in pre-pandemic life for another six months, according to a national study conducted by U.S.-based wellness company Be Vivid You. According to the study conducted in late May 2020, large venue sporting events and movie theatres will be the slowest to return to normal, followed by public transportation and travel. 

Americans’ comfort-levels with returning to previous activities provide a vital gauge for businesses already implementing safety protocols for both their clientele and staff. Forty-three percent  of respondents said that they will not return to a large venue event for over six months. Over 30% said that it will take more than six months to return to theatres, public transportation and travel. Another in-person service that may languish for some time is the gym industry, where 17% of members said they will not be back for over six months.    

Americans seem very ready to engage in personal services at their favorite salons and spas. Hair salons lead the way --  with 74% of respondents saying they are ready now, or within the month, to have a post-quarantine touch-up. And wellness doesn’t stop with hair, as the majority of respondents want aesthetic appointments now.

Large immediate demand for physical therapy, physician visits and elective medical procedures also exists. During shutdown, the most frequently missed appointments were in primary care, dermatology, dental, and vision care. A significant amount of more critical care was missed, too, including cardiac, neurological and oncology appointments.  Over 70% of respondents said that they need to get back to the doctor within a month.  Overall, the public remains divided on the issue, with thirty percent of Americans having no health concerns at all related to COVID-19, whereas 30% remain very concerned.

As America returns outdoors, recent protests may also add to the fear of visiting public spaces.

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