Madison, WI, June 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reflecting on her brother’s death and her mother’s insufficient knowledge of a diet’s direct relation to health and wellbeing, Anne Marie Herman’s book, “Positive Affirmation - Fear No More: Memoir” aims to provide the knowledge about diabetes her family lacked when it mattered most. This perspicacious guide for those recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or families of those that have to face this high-maintenance disease, looks into Herman’s upbringing as the sole caregiver to her brothers and how she had to learn through trial and error how to feed them while nurturing herself as an adolescent forced to embrace adulthood. Herman is an inherent nurturer and felt the need to care for others the way she cared for her family.

Herman hopes to encourage those living with Type 2 Diabetes to live in a healthy way, develop a strong support system to help them, and have a good handle on the small tips and tricks that can make the biggest difference when navigating this condition.

“Learning to care for my brother and feed him was the only way to keep my family healthy and together. I want others who need advice on caring for someone with Diabetes to have the tools to do so,” Herman said. “My brothers told me they preferred my cooking to a restaurant, and it was healthier believe it or not!”

Herman is an inherent nurturer and felt the need to care for others the way she cared for her family. Readers will be eager to read “Positive Affirmation - Fear No More” because of Herman’s comforting, easily understood and informative approach to a disease commonly misunderstood by those most affected.


“Positive Affirmation - Fear No More: Memoir”

By Anne Marie Herman

ISBN: 9781728341248 (softcover); 9781728341255 (hardcover); 9781728341231 (electronic)

Available at the AuthorHouse Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Anne Marie Herman is a natural giver—a giver of love, advice, and recipes. After authoring her debut cookbook in 2018, Herman decided it was time to take her knowledge of reversing Type 2 Diabetes a step further and immediately began working on her memoir. Since graduating from El Paso Community College after the institution highlighted her spirit as a creative writer, Herman volunteered with PBS Wisconsin for 16 years, proctored state exams for Wisconsin for 19 years, and retired as a financial specialist/office manager of the University of Wisconsin. She loves to spend her time dancing to good music, and of course, cooking and eating delicious, healthy food. To find out more about Herman and her book, please visit her author website:


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