Inspiring New Book ‘Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing’ is Released

Author Rufus Johnson presents his collection of moving poetry to provide uplifting healing and hope

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

RICHMOND, Va., June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After working all day, author Rufus Johnson could not shut his mind down as his memories from childhood kept coming back when he tried to rest. His inner voice was speaking to him and he decided to write the words down in the form of poetry for others to relate to. In his inspirational new book “Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing,” Johnson shares his collection of poetry to help reach people with his words, which were inspired by God, to provide hope.

“I called the book ‘Mental and Spiritual Healing’ as mental serves as my reoccurring memories and spiritual came later on as the poems took a life of their own,” said Johnson. “God is apart of our lives and He is always there for you.”

Readers will find peace, hope and healing through Johnson’s eloquently written verses which are much needed during these times of uncertainty in the world. They will also find spiritual enlightenment through his powerful words inspired by God.

An excerpt of Johnson’s poem, “Strange,” as found on page 113-114 of his new book “Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing”:

“Extraordinary changes taking place. Then we step into new times. That seems strange. Originally alienated, you try to fit in. Normally you are the strange one. Today’s times you’ll fit in. Nobody’s strange, all of us, we are the same.” 

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“Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing”
By Rufus Johnson
ISBN: 978-1-5246-7308-6 (sc)978-1-5246-7307-9 (e)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AuthorHouse

About the Author
Rufus Johnson was born in Prince George County, Virginia in 1954 and grew up in Richmond, Virginia where he currently resides. He graduated from Highland Springs High School in 1974 and joined the Navy in 1975 where he stayed for two years. Johnson attended the Cleveland Institute of Electronics where he received a two-year diploma as well as attended an auto repair course at Lincoln Technical Center for a year receiving an additional diploma. After working in the drywall construction trade for 30 years, and in auto repair for 10 years, Johnson is now retired and focuses his time on his poetry.

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