Kobiton Survey Reveals Software Test Automation Benefits and Hurdles

55% of respondents said automation would improve software quality – but 76% said they are currently automating fewer than half of all software tests

ATLANTA, June 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kobiton, provider of an end-to-end mobile testing platform designed to enhance the mobile experience, announces the results of an industry-wide survey on the software test-automation market. The survey was completed by 350+ software testers and mobile developers in midsize to large enterprises.

A key takeaway from the survey is that test automation has solidified its critical role in the quality assurance process for testers and mobile developers, as companies seek to improve the quality of new software and speed up the process by which it’s delivered. A majority (55%) of respondents said automation would improve software quality, and 51% of respondents said they’re releasing software updates daily or weekly.

And yet, for many companies, automation initiatives are still in their infancy. 58% of survey respondents said their automation programs are relatively new or at least six months from beginning, 76% are automating fewer than half of all software tests, and 73% are manually running at least 100 tests prior to each software release.

So, what’s stopping companies from moving to test automation more quickly? Automation tool selection and engineering resources are apparently the two biggest impediments. 26% of respondents said they are struggling with the process of evaluating and choosing the appropriate test automation tools, and 17% have found it challenging to train and acquire skilled automation engineers.

Nevertheless, test automation appears to be the wave of the future. 85% of survey respondents said they’d like to automate at least a quarter of all test cases eventually.

“70% of survey respondents said mobile is either critical or strategic to their business,” said Kevin Lee, CEO of Kobiton. “For these companies, delivering high-quality apps fast and cost-effectively isn’t an option – it’s a requirement. Test automation is central to making this happen, as evidenced by our survey results and customer feedback.”

The complete survey results can be found here.

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Kobiton enables organizations to build better mobile experiences by testing on real-devices while leveraging the latest in Appium test automation for seamless test script creation. Kobiton is a powerful mobile device cloud that allows companies to manage the devices they own and access real public cloud devices for efficient, comprehensive test coverage. Simple to use, easy to access from anywhere, and highly flexible, Kobiton minimizes costs while increasing productivity, so businesses can get apps to market sooner. The mobile device cloud platform offers centralized testing history and insights to improve collaboration across teams; access to the most in-demand mobile devices to supplement existing inventory; significant cost savings; and easy integration with preferred IDEs and development tools. More info at www.kobiton.com.

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