Redrock Biometrics Releases PalmID® Agent in Apple’s App Store

SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Redrock Biometrics, a leading provider of palm-print based biometrics for authentication and identification, announced today that it has released PalmID® Agent software in the Apple App Store as the final step in its integration with the Microsoft Active Directory platform.

Redrock Biometrics developed the app as a front-end component of PalmID Identity Provider to deliver an unparalleled passwordless sign-in experience for online users. As the user is challenged for their palm on their phone, the access to the site they are trying to log into will be granted upon success.

“Signing in with social accounts is highly popular and convenient but it is not very secure,” says Lenny Kontsevich, a Co-Founder of Redrock Biometrics. “Multi-factor authentication is much more secure but requires additional effort.”

The PalmID solution combines the best of these two worlds. The PalmID Agent, registered with the user’s phone, poses as a username and your palm becomes your password, which cannot be passed to someone or stolen. A certified anti-spoofing detector in PalmID does not permit any replica of a palm to be accepted for a sign-in.

The PalmID Identity Provider service together with PalmID Agent are presently integrated with Microsoft Active Directory B2C service for customer-facing web applications. Within this environment PalmID delivers a primary sign-in mechanism whereby the user scans a QR code with a phone running the PalmID Agent, then presents a palm to the phone camera, and gets signed in.

Alternatively, PalmID Agent can be used for replacing OTC/OTP (one-time code/one-time password) such as a 6-digit code with palm-based biometrics. This solution can be used for payments, high-risk transactions, or password recovery.

“We are excited to see the tremendous interest in our solution and to be supporting the Microsoft Azure AD B2C platform with enhanced security for engaging with their customers,” said Kontsevich. “PalmID is rapidly becoming the biometrics of choice in the present ‘New Normal’ environment, where the words ‘touchless’ and ‘privacy’ sound like a mantra.”

Redrock Biometrics’ technology allows for the combination of palm prints and/or subdermal veins, captured by a standard RGB camera and/or infrared camera, to produce a highly unique palm signature that is impossible to fake. Proprietary PalmID algorithms are capable of matching a newly captured palm signature with millions of previously registered signatures stored in a database in a fraction of a second.

About Redrock Biometrics
Redrock Biometrics, Inc. is the creator of PalmID, a patented palm-print based authentication software development kit and platform. PalmID is the first commercially-available solution combining high-performance, secure, contactless and affordable biometrics for virtually any device with a camera. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Partners include Epson, Mastercard, Samsung and Wells Fargo.

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