YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PeopleKeys, leading international people-expert in DISC behavioral analysis for over 35 years, recognized the critical need for an effective stress management training solution for leaders of all levels and is pleased to announce the release its new online Managing Stress training course. Stress, a natural reaction to daily life experiences, can reach an all-time high during unprecedented times. As personal anxiety and fears play into one’s stress response system, it’s critical to become aware of these natural stress responses and adopt appropriate coping behaviors.

According to Dr. Bradley Smith, president and co-founder of PeopleKeys, we all have an internal, hardwired method of dealing with stress. “As leaders,” says Dr. Smith, “we must first understand ourselves. Once you understand how you are affected by stress, then you can quickly begin to identify signs of distress in others. This ability to identify our own built-in stress management mechanism and the propensity to observe and understand others’ is critical.” The Managing Stress course teaches leaders how to recognize slight changes in behavior of their team and apply proven techniques to reduce stress before it becomes chronic.

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This course couldn’t have come to fruition at a more prominent time, as people are facing a great amount of pressure from being in quarantine, unemployment, and other factors attributing to stress. The training is available online and can be done at a leader’s own pace. It involves understanding DISC behavioral principles of motivation and stress management, and helps aid in communication, employee engagement, and goal achievement. In addition, the course is available at no additional cost for anyone looking to get DISC certified through PeopleKeys’ suite of international online Certified Behavioral Consultant course offerings, through which PeopleKeys has trained more than 40,000 coaches and trainers, and has provided more than 20 million behavioral assessments worldwide.

“Great leaders know the keys to motivation for each employee, and when to intervene before stress gives way to greater challenges,” says Smith. “It is really simpler than you might imagine, to begin utilizing effective strategies. Most leaders, and others who participate in our training, see immediate advantages and long-lasting benefits, which continue to provide new leadership insights.”

The stress management training course is applicable for all levels of leadership, and can also be utilized by anyone seeking additional information on relationships, communication, and behavioral techniques for success.

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PeopleKeys, is recognized as an international behavioral analysis expert and leader for over 35 years. PeopleKeys has been providing DISC-based solutions to thousands of companies and millions of individuals worldwide. Their goal is to help people use people analytics to understand how behavioral analysis can enhance relationships, improve productivity, minimize conflict, and unlock the potential in today’s workforces. PeopleKeys’ behavioral courses, assessments, customizations, integrations, as well as training and consulting solutions, have been translated into over 34 languages.

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