Purpose and Products Fuel Q2's Top Ads

Frito-Lay, Mercedes-Benz & Tide Among Those Recognized by Ace Metrix

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Los Angeles, CA, July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring video advertising effectiveness, today released its lists of Q2’s top performing ads based on two metrics from its emotion measurement platform, Ace EMO. Out of nearly 1,900 ads tested in Q2, those recognized either stood out for its purpose or product.

“Last quarter, brands honed in on purpose or products in ads, and, on rare occasions, both. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, more brands waded into purpose-driven advertising, that oftentimes paid off in terms of positive cultural perception” said Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix CEO. 

“At the same time, brands that didn’t join in on that trend were avoiding tone-deaf and insensitive content. In eluding risks, products became the focal point of many ads” Peter Daboll added. 

Ace Metrix recognized Q2’s most Empowering and most “Prodtastic” ads because of the duality that played out between product and purpose last quarter. These two metrics originate from Ace EMO, which measures the strength of emotional and cultural connection using Natural Language Processing and machine learning analysis of voluntary verbatim comments. Scores are determined relative to every ad in the Ace Metrix database and are passively derived so responses are not susceptible to forced exposure bias (eg. survey questions like “how heartfelt was this ad?").

Q2’s Most Empowering

Ace Metrix recorded an unprecedented spike in ads registering signal on its Empower metric -- 37% of all those in Q2 to be exact. Historically, only 12.5% of all ads scored on it. This uptick was the direct result of the pandemic as 63% of Q2’s Empowering ads were COVID-19 themed (as were all but one of the top ten ads below).

The Empower score measures positive Cultural Perception, indicating when an ad’s purpose-driven message inspires, encourages or motivates viewers. Purpose during the pandemic came naturally to brands and the universal impact of COVID-19 meant most, if not all, of the viewers could connect with brands’ efforts. 

Brand Ad Title Length Empower Band
Frito-Lay It’s About People 1:00 Extreme
Mercedes-Benz Be The Best 1:00 Extreme
Brawny Giants Initiative 0:30 Rare
Sports United Real Heroes 1:55 Rare
Angel Soft Give Together Now 0:15 Rare
Subaru Never Been More True 0:30 Rare
Frito-Lay #Joygivers 0:30 Rare
Lowe’s Giving Thanks 0:30 Rare
Facebook Cheers 1:00 Rare
Michigan State Beat the Odds 0:30 Rare
Lyft Rallying Our Community 0:25 Rare

 Q2’s Most Prodtastic

Prodtastic measures when the product advertised generates an emotional response from viewers and is the primary driver of the ad (as opposed to storytelling). Oftentimes it is expressed as a general fondness for the product and/or its attributes. Last quarter, 20% of all ads scored on this measure (vs. 12% historic norm). Non-COVID ads were the main contributors to this increase as only 17% of Q2’s Prodtastic spots were COVID-19 themed. 

Early on in the quarter, Ace Metrix’s Prodtastic metric was making a name for itself among the highest scoring non-COVID-19 ads. All but one of Q2’s most Prodtastic ads followed suite in achieving Ace Scores significantly above the recent all-industry norm. 

Brand Ad Title Length Prodtastic Score
Tide Get It Clean 0:15 10
Tropicana Very Refreshing 0:15 9.4
Campbell’s Delicious Flavor 0:15 9.4
Dove Soap The Best Brand 0:15 9.2
Ocean Spray X Nature 0:15 9.1
Cheerios Taste the Crunch 0:15 9.1
Hellman’s Big Appetite 0:15 9.0
Bounce Simple Use 0:30 8.9
Lysol Super Clean 0:30 8.4
Kraft Savor the Sizzle 0:15 8.3

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Ace Metrix measures the strength of emotional and cultural connection in advertising. The proprietary approach quantifies 57 emotions and reactions such as: Heartfelt, Nostalgia, Humor, Authentic, Dishonest, Preachy, and Sexist. Scores are passively derived from voluntary respondent verbatim comments using Natural Language Processing and machine learning analysis. Each of the 57 emotions are evaluated relative to all other ads in the Ace Metrix database, totaling over ten million verbatims.

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