Global Internt of Things (IoT) in Energy Market is Expected to Generate a revenue $41.2 Billion by 2027, Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak has created a considerable impact on the global Internt of Things (IoT) in energy market. Moreover, the solutions segment has an exponential share in the forecast period. The integration & deployment segment will have rapid market growth, in the analysis period. The oil & gas segment is anticipated to foresee newer heights in the global marketplace. The Asia-Pacific region will lucrative investment opportunities, during the projected period. The key players of the global internt of things (IoT) in energy market are concentrating on effective strategies to acquire a prime position in the global industry.

New York, USA, July 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The outbreak of COVID-19 has positively impacted the global internt of things (IoT) in energy market.

The sustainability of this market is mainly driven by the extensively increasing cyberattacks. Furthermore, the majority of government authorities across the world, are focussing on the implementation of supportive policies that may drive the global market. For instance, in June 2020, the Andhra government set to install IoT devices in medium & small-scale industries (MSMEs) for the energy saving, amid COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative would help to save around 11,000 units per cluster annually.

In addition, due to the critical situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are more concerned with customer confidence, optimism, and loyalty. Therefore, numerous organizations can go for the adoption of the Internt of Things (IoT) in Energy; and this will significantly impact the global marketplace, after the outbreak situation.

Our reports include the following:

  • Technological Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Investment Opportunity Analysis
  • Pre- & Post-COVID Market Scenario
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Supply Side & Demand Side Impact

As per the latest publication of Research Dive, Global Internt of Things (IoT) in Energy Market is set to generate a revenue of $41.2 Billion by 2027, at a healthy CAGR, throughout the analysis period. The segmentation of the market has been done based on network technology, services, component, application, solution, and region. The report offers valuable insights on drivers, future opportunities, segments, restraints, and market players

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Factors Affecting the Growth

As per our analyst estimates, the significance of artificial intelligence(AI) in internt of things (IoT) in Energy fuelling the global internt of things (IoT) in Energy market growth. On the other hand, the legal issues coupled with stringent government regulation are anticipated to obstruct the growth of the global tnternt of things (IoT) in energy industry, during the analysis period.

Cellular Networks will have a significant Market Share over the projected Period

Based on the network technology, the global market for Internt of Things (IoT) in energy market is classified into satellite network, cellular network, radio network, and others. The cellular network will register substantial revenue and is anticipated to have rapid growth, in the forecast period. The presence of large manufacturers along with heavy invstments in the R&D and innovations may be predicted to propel the growth of the segment, throughout the analysis period.

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The solutions segment will be the Most Lucrative

Based on the solutions, the global market is fragmented into platform, solution, and services. The Solutions segment will have substantial market growth at a healthy growth rate, during the forecast period; mainly owing to the great importance of solutions in remote monitoring, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The integration & Deployment Services shall have Rapid Market Growth, in the analysis Period

Depending on the services, the global Internt of Things (IoT) in energy market is broadly categorized into asset management, security, compliance & risk management, connected logistics, data management and analytics, supervisory control and data acquisition, mobile workforce management, and energy management. The growth is mainly attributed to the growing emphasis on increasing productivity and quality of the operational process.

Agriculture sector shall have a Major Market Share in the Forecast Period

on the basis of application, the global market for Internt of Things (IoT) in energy market is classified into oil & gas, smart grid, and coal mining. The oil & gas held the largest market share and is anticipated to generate revenue with noteworthy CAGR in the analysis period mainly due to the growing adoption of process improvements and technological innovations in the energy sector.

Geographical Analysis and Major Market Players

Based on the region, the Internt of Things (IoT) in energy market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA. The Asia-Pacific Internt of Things (IoT) in energy market is expected to increase at a healthy CAGR over the projected period. The extensively rising government spendings in Internt of Things (IoT) in Energy solutions and the growing number of emerging organizations, particularly in China, India, and South Korea, are anticipated to bolster the growth of Asia-Pacific Internt of Things (IoT) in Energy market.

Top 10 Companies in IoT in Energy Market:

  1. Altair Engineering, Inc.
  2. Intel Corporation
  3. ABB
  4. IBM.
  5. Rockwell Automation, Inc
  6. smartGAS
  7. Trimble
  8. Infosys
  9. SE
  10. HCL.

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