Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Announces Technology Sale of Global Oceanic Designs & His Vision for The Future

Houston, TX , July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kenneth W. Welch Jr., President, and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs has entered into an agreement with Diamond Infrastructure Development Inc., granting them the exclusive global licensing and marketing rights for the suite of technologies developed by Global Oceanic Designs contingent on a cash investment for 18+% of their Company. This agreement also provides the same licensing rights to technologies owned by its affiliated company Seadog Systems, Inc. (SeaDog Wave Energy Carousel).

Inventor, entrepreneur, and visionary, Mr. Welch has always held a fascination with the power of the sea. He has pioneered new understandings of the ways that water can change life as we know it. Throughout his career, he has invented hundreds of technologies that range from cutting edge renewable wave energy conversion systems to onshore and offshore infrastructure and transportation systems.  

With such an incredible legacy, Mr. Welch knew that if he were to pass the baton of his Company, he would need to find someone who could see his mission through for generations, with the capacity and experience to implement these sustainable, revolutionary, structural and energy-driven systems. 

When Georg Engelmann, C.E.O. and President at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. joined forces with Mr. Welch’s dynamic technologies, his “fantastic knowledge and education in offshore and alternative technology set the stage for an alliance filled with the ability to move these systems into operation.” Mr. Welch knew then that he had found the ideal candidate.

Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., founded with a heritage of more than twenty-five years of offshore energy development, is set to bring offshore technologies to market. Mr. Engelmann is prepared to repurpose and “leverage all of the industrial fabric of the coastal economies,” and do what it takes to develop and deploy Mr. Welch’s offshore tech into the world. 

Mr. Welch and Mr. Engelmann share a similar goal of setting firm foundations for a “new basis of energy, commerce, industry, and leisure ‘driven’ by the thrust of the Blue Economy.” Mr. Welch’s energy technology suite provides a truly clean, recyclable, cold, grid-scale wave energy-driven hydropower system that works on the same order of economic and fiscal efficiency as hydroelectric dams, without the dam, the numerous environmental impacts of dams, or the disastrous consequences caused by large-scale dam failure. The future of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. is to see the deployment and use of these concepts and products brought into the functioning reality of today’s energy industry.

Mr. Welch has long predicted the far-reaching possibilities of ocean utilization and exploration. Some of these prospects include undersea suspended research laboratories and underwater domes, vehicles, transportation systems, further development of subsea industries such as mining, energy development, subsea tourism and resorts, and even residential floating cities on the sea. Industries that will revitalize entire economies and living ecosystems. Mr. Welch states, “we could easily move our populations into areas not land based and make all life viable for not only humans but for all things to grow and exist bountifully on this planet.” 

Mr. Welch is well aware that ocean exploration is vastly untapped and underfunded -- remarkably 1500X more investment dollars are spent exploring outer space than exploring the ocean and its capabilities. One million spent for the ocean equals 1.5 billion spent to explore space. It seems that this vast resource is not being properly explored, nor recognized, for its abundance of possibilities, capabilities or suitability for expansion. Why are we looking at distant stars and planets when we hardly know what 70% of our own world has to offer?

What we do know is that the ocean holds the answer for a cleaner way of living and harvesting energy. Mr. Welch believes that it is our responsibility to guarantee that this world’s lands and its waters along with all of their opportunities and beauty will be available for generations to come. Mr. Welch’s vision has been far ahead of its time until now, with his new agreement with Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., we will soon see the beginnings of these technologies come of age faster than ever imagined.

About SeaDog Systems:

SeaDog Systems, Inc. was formed in February 2016 and acquired the intellectual property related to its current suite of technologies. SeaDog Systems immediately engaged in consulting contracts with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. and several key partners that possess the determination, abilities, and resources to bridge the gap between SeaDog Systems’ vision and its tech to reality. A unique team headed by Mr. Welch has committed itself to this mission. For more information on Kenneth W. Welch Jr. and SeaDog, please visit






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News via:  Right to left- Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr, President and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs, along with Mr. Georg Engelmann, C.E.O. and President at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc.


Right to left- Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr, President and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs, along with Mr. Georg Engelmann, C.E.O. and President at Diamon

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