Las Vegas, Nevada., July 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. (OTCQB: “RKFL”) (“RocketFuel” or the “Company”), a developer of blockchain-based check-out and privacy protection technologies, today announced that it has uplisted to the OTCQB. OTCQB is recognized by the SEC as an established public securities market. OTCQB companies must provide current company financial information/news and meet financial standards that enable brokers to more easily quote and trade a security.

Mr. Gert Funk, RocketFuel’s Chief Executive Officer, stated: “We are pleased to announce our uplisting to the OTCQB, which should enable RocketFuel to build shareholder value with the goals of enhancing liquidity and achieving fair valuation. It should also allow RocketFuel to engage a greater network of investors, data distributors, and media partners, ensuring better access to high-quality information. The uplisting will also help us execute our growth plans by making our shares more appealing to both acquisition and recruiting targets.”

About RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc.

RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. is developing blockchain-based technologies to bring highly efficient check-out and privacy protection solutions to eCommerce and brick and mortar merchants and their customers.

RocketFuel’s check-out solution allows customers to pay in a secure blockchain environment using cryptocurrencies. Customers will no longer be required to share personal and sensitive data, such as credit card information. Instead, the purchase is confirmed and after using our patent-pending “1-3 click” technology, the product is shipped. RocketFuel believes that its technology provides a convenient and more simplified transactional solution from product purchase to delivery.

The blockchain technologies developed by RocketFuel are designed to focus on enhanced customer privacy protection eliminating the risk of data breach while increasing the speed, the security and the ease of use. RocketFuel believes that users of its technologies will be able to enjoy seamless check-out and forget about the clunky cart paradigm of the past. We also believe merchants will be able to implement new impulse buying schemes and generate new sales channels that may be unavailable in present day eCommerce sites. More information about RocketFuel is available at:

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