Michael Vamosy and SmithGeiger Launch FATHOM

The Newly Formed Advertising and Brand Design Agency Will Use Data Insights to Drive Creative

Los Angeles, July 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Michael Vamosy, a seasoned branding and advertising executive, and recent Emmy Award winner is teaming up with analytics and strategy firm SmithGeiger to launch the new advertising and brand design agency FATHOM, a division of SmithGeiger.

Vamosy, the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, infuses FATHOM’s creative and design firepower with the 20-year commitment to insights and strategy that SmithGeiger delivers throughout the media landscape. Together, they will offer 360 creative services across media, entertainment, eSports, and consumer brands, with a deep focus on new frontiers, innovative branding, and campaign solutions.

“It’s the perfect marriage of art and engineering,” says Vamosy. “In today’s ever-changing landscape, data helps to inform creative. It’s a real benefit working with a strategy and analytics team with such deep roots in media and consumer brands.”

Dave Smith and Seth Geiger see this as the next evolution in their commitment to clients across the media landscape. “We are very excited to team up with Michael. After the first meeting during a large-scale re-design for a leading media client, our sensibilities immediately clicked. We’ve never worked with a creative so responsive to data insights. Michael was able to convert each takeaway, elevating the creative vision while continuing to outpace expectations for the client”, says Seth Geiger, founder and President of SmithGeiger.

Fostering enhanced client relationships will be one of the primary efforts in this new agency model. FATHOM plans to meet their client’s needs by keeping senior-level creatives closely connected to projects with a new structure dedicated to delivering a deeper understanding and responsiveness for those needs.

“We are building a nimble, skillful collective, using the power of design, strategic thinking, and storytelling to deliver authentic messaging,” says Vamosy. “We are committed to listening to our clients and responding to their objectives with creative solutions. We love having a dialogue, asking the hard questions, and finding the truth.”

FATHOM is already a magnet for incredible talent with a wealth of experience from both the client and agency sides. “I love building teams and growing a culture centered around collaboration, creativity, and innovation. FATHOM will become a beacon for top-level talent and creatives looking to expand their horizons. That’s what our clients are drawn to”, added Vamosy.


More About Michael Vamosy

Vamosy formerly served as the CCO of Stun Creative, now Known, where he led creative strategy across the company, including its branding and advertising divisions for all consumer brands, networks, studios, streaming services, and eSports.

Vamosy brings a wealth of experience from the network side, previously as SVP Creative Services at Starz, where he reorganized a team of 115+ people and led creative marketing campaigns on the network’s original series Outlander, Black Sails, Power, and DaVinci’s Demons, as well as affiliate marketing initiatives, OTT campaigns, and rebrands for Starz and Encore.

Prior to joining Starz, he was SVP of Design at FOX Broadcasting. Vamosy was the architect of FOX’s Glee campaign, “L for Loser”. He also redesigned the FOX network brand image “So FOX” and spearheaded campaigns for Fringe, American Idol, and House, amongst others.

Before that, Vamosy was VP of Design at FX Networks. He started the network’s in-house design team ‘StudioFX’, which designed the brand looks and feel for a host of original series including The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and Rescue Me.

Over the course of his career, Vamosy’s work has earned a recent Emmy Award, numerous CLIOs, PROMAX awards (including agency of the year multiple years), and New York Festivals honors.

MORE ABOUT SmithGeiger

SmithGeiger was founded 20 years ago to convert insights into strategy and ideas into action. We conduct over 500 proprietary projects each year on behalf of our clients, designing the precise approach, analytics, and engineering to guide a who’s who in the media, technology, and consumer spaces. We work closely, guiding our partners in navigating their challenges. Our partnerships invariably grow into multi-year engagements, working alongside our clients in growing and effectively meet their business objectives.

We are a collective of social scientists, data geeks, journalists, storytellers, strategists, innovators, iconoclasts, and thought leaders. We also share a common thread of curiosity, wonder, passion to find the answer, and dedication to getting it right every time. And we love what we do, every day.

Dave Smith, CEO and Founding Partner, has been an avid media observer and prognosticator since his days as a student and subsequent faculty member at the J School at the University of Missouri. Dave has been instrumental in shaping the media landscape over the past 40 years, working closely with just about every major network, cabler, station group, syndicator, and production company across the globe. Dave currently serves as the lead for our Strategy group, bringing ideas and solutions to Broadcast networks, TV stations, Cable channels, daytime talk, late-night, reality programs, working closely with senior executives across the landscape looking for his unique combination of acumen, experience, down-to-earth demeanor, and ability to cut through the noise. When Dave is not shaping the media landscape, he can be found fishing in multiple tributaries of the Yellowstone River.

Seth Geiger, President and Founding Partner has the good fortune to apply his Ph.D. in Mass Communication Research every day into solving intractable problems, creating unique designs, and constructing innovative media testing platforms. Seth has worked closely across the media and technology spaces, having had a seat at the table as an advisor and counselor at the launch of every digital media platform over the past three decades. Seth currently leads our Analytics and Insights group, focusing on creating innovative design to answer the thorniest questions with clarity and transparency, and building new approaches to extract the most acute insights on behalf of our clients. Seth works closely with a dedicated team of analysts and data scientists, constructing the SmithGeiger research process into an effective mechanism for converting data into insights and insights into strategy. You can find Seth running the beaches of Santa Barbara and skiing or mountain biking the high country around Durango, CO when he is not crunching the numbers.


Emmy Award-Winning Advertising Executive, Michael Vamosy, is teaming up with analytics and strategy firm SmithGeiger to launch the new advertising and brand design agency, FATHOM Emmy Award-Winning Advertising Executive, Michael Vamosy, is teaming up with analytics and strategy firm SmithGeiger to launch the new advertising and brand design agency, FATHOM.

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