Zylö and Grapefruit Forge Partnership That Promises to Disrupt the Topical Cannabis Market


The Z-pod delivery system will help make Hourglass by Grapefruit a game-changer

GREENVILLE, SC, July 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zylö Therapeutics Inc., developer of the transformational Z-pod topical delivery platform, announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Grapefruit USA, Inc. [OTCQB:GPFT] to supply its Z-pod system as the technological underpinning of Grapefruit’s Hourglass time-release cannabinoid topical cream.

Zylö’s patented Z-pod system is formulated such that it enables a Patchless Patch product concept, whereby a topically applied cream provides ‘patch-like’ sustained release of a payload—such as cannabinoids or lidocaine—but without the hassles, inconvenience, and disposal issues of a patch. With certain payloads, the Z-pod delivery system also increases dermal penetration, improves stability, and/or enhances overall bioavailability.

Grapefruit, which holds licenses in California and Illinois to manufacture and distribute cannabis products (see www.grapefruitblvd.com), has exclusivity initially in these two states and has certain rights to expand the territory of exclusivity to other states and to Canada and Mexico. Canada has a well-established legalized cannabis marketplace, and it is anticipated that Mexico will legalize cannabis in the near future.

Grapefruit plans to introduce Hourglass on a limited basis to the California retail market by the end of the third quarter and to ramp up production and delivery of the product shortly thereafter. The architecture of the Hourglass delivery cream provides Grapefruit with the ability to formulate variations of its Hourglass product concept by loading the cream with unique blends of cannabinoids that its customers deem to be efficacious for a given application or desired result.

Scott Pancoast, Zylö’s CEO and founder, stated “We are enthusiastic about this partnership with Grapefruit and believe their Hourglass Topical Delivery Cream will be a game-changer in the recreational/medicinal full-spectrum cannabis market given the extraordinary advantages over traditional methods of consuming cannabis. We look forward to a long and expanding relationship with the Grapefruit team.”

Added Bradley J. Yourist, Grapefruit’s CEO, “We are excited and proud to have completed the developmental phase of Hourglass, our breakthrough full-spectrum cannabinoid time-release topical delivery cream based on Zylö’s patented xerogel silica delivery system. We have developed an incredible collaborative working relationship with the Zylö team of scientists, which is evidenced by the scope of our agreement. We believe that Grapefruit’s Hourglass topical delivery cream is a truly disruptive, breakthrough technology, one that fundamentally changes the way individuals will use cannabinoids to obtain their unique benefits. Destructive and socially distasteful smoking of cannabis flowers and consumption of edibles that are metabolized unevenly are simply no longer necessary to enjoy both the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabinoids. Furthermore, Grapefruit’s Hourglass Topical Delivery Cream offers cannabis users a heretofore unattainable level of discretion and anonymity. For example, fellow airline, train or ship passengers, concert goers, and movie or theatre attendees will not be able to detect any telltale odors normally associated with cannabis use.”

About Zylö Therapeutics: Zylö has developed a breakthrough topical delivery system that extends the duration-of-effect, improves the solubility/targeting, and/or enhances the product performance of many therapeutic agents. Notably, the Z-pod technology platform has enabled the Patchless Patch concept and, further, has successfully harnessed the therapeutic potential of nitric oxide, one of the most powerful—and short-lived—biomolecules produced by our bodies. For more details please visit our web site, www.zylotherapeutics.com and follow us on Twitter (@ZyloTherapies).

Scott R. Pancoast
CEO + Founder
(858) 775-6710