Global e∙dentity™ Proposes Biometric Technology to Identify Asymptomatic Individuals with suspected Covid-19 infection

Wilmington, Delaware, UNITED STATES

WILMINGTON, Del., July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global e∙dentity™ a national security biometric tech startup founded by U.S. Navy veteran Robert Adams, has proposed a simple biometric technology that can also be used to identify individuals infected asymptomatically with the Covid-19 infection.

Global e∙dentity™ is moving toward fielding a biometric technology that will implement a rapid airport biometrics health scanning to assist airlines like United (UAL), American (AAL), British Airways (ICAGY) and Lufthansa (DLAKY), which collectively carried nearly 650 million passengers in 2019, and illustrate a pathway for countries to reopen international travel safely.

“It seems that many are focusing on taking individual temperature scans, as if temperature alone will identify the infected,” Adams states.  “This virus is more sophisticated than SARS-1, and we think it makes more sense to use a method that’s fast and non-invasive to quickly identify asymptomatic individuals.  Our team, using our Global e∙dentity™ biometric technology – the same technology that has a one hundred percent accuracy on individual identification -- we can identify and stop asymptomatic super spreaders from traveling so the rest of the world can get back to normal.”

“Using (NIR) Near Infrared light transducer and/or our custom-designed Ultrasound CMUT for multi-modal biometric identification,” Adams continues, “we’ve determined that during the scanning of the vascular network for identity we can identify asymptomatic individuals, in basic, noting the alteration in the blood vessel morphology and the degree of oxygen carrying capacity was severely reduced in asymptomatic individuals; these people then can be required to have a secondary RT-PCR screening before notifying authorities of a suspected Covid-19 infection.

“We came across this by accident during our POC development process,  testing over 25,000 individuals with our partner company for our patented identity biometric technology related to patent US10,135,822 and our other related patents,” Adams says, “we’ve since shared this simple fast easy to implement method to identify potential asymptomatic individuals with technology companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, as well as with senior members of the current Administration since the start of the pandemic.”

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