One World Pharma Partners with Isiah Thomas & Isiah Automotive to Develop Hemp Based Plastic Alternatives for the Automotive Industry

Partnership Looks to Grow at Scale Hemp Products to Replace Plastic

LAS VEGAS, NV, July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- One World Pharma Inc. (OTC: OWPC), “OWP,” a U.S. based, fully licensed, pure-play hemp and cannabis ingredient producer in Colombia, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a partnership with Isiah Automotive, a subsidiary of Isiah International, to develop and commercialize renewable hemp based alternatives to plastics for the automotive industry.

Thomas currently serves as CEO and Vice-Chairman of One World Pharma and is the President of Isiah International. The partnership fulfills Thomas’s intention to blend the strengths of the two entities.

Hemp is 25% lighter, more durable, and free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) as compared to conventional plastics, making it ideal for an array of automotive applications. It is 100% recyclable, allowing for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable product that can be repurposed at the automobile’s end of life unlike plastics that are currently used in the automotive industry.  One World Pharma is uniquely positioned to grow large scale hemp through its operations in Colombia.  Well-established with the necessary licenses, infrastructure, and partnerships with the Colombian government and the indigenous peoples and small farmers, One World Pharma is one of the only companies currently capable of providing a sustainable supply chain for large scale production.

One World Pharma can rapidly expand to over one million acres of cultivation via its partnership with FEDECORE. FEDECORE is the ‘Colombian Federation of Regional Advisors,’ which is tasked with developing social projects for disenfranchised municipalities of Colombia to improve the quality of living of the citizens in those regions. One World Pharma is currently the only Company in Colombia authorized by FEDECORE to work collaboratively with its people for the production of industrial hemp.

“We want to be a catalyst to change, to helping the massive automotive industry transform itself, and the planet, through the replacement of petroleum based plastics with wonderful sustainable hemp derivatives,” stated Thomas. “I firmly believe that those who embrace hemp technology and endorse its introduction will find themselves on the favorable side of a greener future.”

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