eSolutions and Homecare Homebase Collaborate to Ease Reimbursement Challenges of Review Choice Demonstration

New integrated tool helps Home Health Agencies manage pre-claim review

Overland Park, Kansas, UNITED STATES

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Aug. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eSolutions Inc., a leading healthcare technology company, and Homecare Homebase (HCHB), the nation’s top software for home-based care, have collaborated to help home health agencies (HHAs) manage Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Review Choice Demonstration (RCD).

CMS began rolling out RCD to designated states in the Palmetto GBA region last year to help ensure that proper payments are made at the right time for home health service through either pre-claim, pre-payment or post-payment review. The demonstration aims to protect Medicare funding from improper payments, reduce the number of Medicare appeals, and improve provider compliance with Medicare program requirements.

With the goal of easing the reimbursement challenges of RCD, HCHB worked with eSolutions to integrate electronic submission capabilities into the PCR console. The new feature, now available within HCHB, allows HHAs to submit pre-claim review documentation packets through a HIPAA-compliant interface in as little as five minutes to satisfy the pre-claim review option of RCD and avoid the highly manual process of submitting required documentation through Palmetto GBA’s online portal.

Additionally, providers who use electronic submission will have:

  • Convenient, streamlined PCR management right from HCHB’s PCR console
  • Secure transfer of sensitive patient and claim information between systems
  • Automated return of DCN, UTN and decision in HCHB’s PCR Console

“eSolutions is proud to work with Homecare Homebase on a product offering that undoubtedly saves home health providers subject to Review Choice Demonstration valuable time and costs,” Chris Hart, eSolutions’ Chief Strategy and Product Officer, said. “With the countless obstacles agencies are facing during this time, we are committed to helping them get paid correctly and quickly while streamlining as many processes as possible.”

HHAs that use HCHB and are interested in using this tool can contact eSolutions’ Home Health sales team at to learn more.

eSolutions’ RCD tool also is available as a stand-alone product for HHAs who are not HCHB customers. Additionally, eSolutions also has tools to help HHAs manage other RCD options, including post-payment reviews.

RCD began in Illinois and Ohio last year and Texas in early 2020. However, in March, CMS announced it was pausing certain processing requirements for RCD until the Public Health Emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic has ended. Last month, CMS announced it will renew the demonstration for participating states on billing periods beginning on or after August 31. Those states include Illinois, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Florida.

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