CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Combining her experiences and observations as a professional sexologist, wife, mother, woman and lover, Aleida Heinz, Ph.D., releases “Make Love 365 Times a Year” (published by Archway Publishing), a guidebook that aims to lead couples along the path toward a passionate and fulfilling relationship.


“Nowadays, a shadow of mystery and secrecy still surrounds sexuality. It is still taboo in our societies,” the author observes. “Statistics show that over 60% of married couples in America no longer have satisfying, or even existent, sexual relationships with their partners. However, most of these couples are eager to enjoy a long-lasting, passionate sex life, especially if they have to lockdown themselves at home again.”


“Make Love 365 Times a Year” is a bold book, which touches on a daring subject that everyone wants to know, but few dares to mention. It is not just another book about sex, but, more importantly, it is a book about lovemaking. Here, the author integrates the themes of sexuality, intimacy, sex, love and relationship, in exploring the art and science of lovemaking. Discussed in the book is The Lovemaking Wheel, a chart that Heinz created to help couples identify and evaluate their lovemaking behavior. Also, readers will find unique and innovative models to better understand infidelity, relationships, eroticism and pleasure.


“I want the readers to understand the difference between sex and lovemaking fully as well as maintaining a healthy and passionate love life over time, to be prepared for a wonderful love life, and to understand the importance of eroticism, seduction, love, lust, and intimacy for a satisfying sex life,” the author states.


“Make Love 365 Times a Year” is an essential guide for couples around the world — regardless of origin, nationality, gender, race or sexual orientation — who want to transform their relationships. To get a copy, visit


“Make Love 365 Times a Year”

By Aleida Heinz, Ph.D.

Softcover | 7.5 x 9.25in | 328 pages | ISBN 9781480890251

E-Book | 328 pages | ISBN 9781480890244

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Aleida Heinz, Ph.D., is a board-certified sexologist with over 20 years of experience helping and guiding men, women and couples from all around the world. Heinz holds a doctorate in human sexuality, master’s degree in sexology and couples counseling, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and family science. She is a couple and sex counselor, who specializes in intimacy, infidelity, couples-marital issues and sexual problems. In 1998, Heinz began her career as a marriage counselor to help couples solve their relational conflicts. Years later, she realized the importance of going deeper into the sexual area, becoming a clinical sexologist. Heinz is one of the few specialists who has successfully intertwined the two fields, marital/couple and sex counseling, to fully understand the complexity of intimacy and the interaction of love and lust in relationships. Moreover, she is bilingual — English and Spanish — with an interesting multicultural background. Apart from “Make Love 365 Times a Year,” she has also co-authored “The In-Factor Model: How the Internet Can Lead to Infidelity.”

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