American Mortgage Network and Active Duty Passive Income Join Forces To Support Veterans

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mortgage banker American Mortgage Network (AmNet), an employee-owned company (ESOP), has teamed up with Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI), an organization dedicated to helping those who have served in the military, both past and present. ADPI professionals have joined AmNet as employee owners. This unique “partnership” will accelerate AmNet’s ability to help veterans realize their dreams of home ownership while ADPI works with veterans to become financially independent and build sustainable income.

AmNet’s ESOP was founded in 2019 by Joseph S. Restivo and David Wallace. All of the equity in the company is distributed through an employee stock ownership plan. The founders supplied the initial equity but pledged their ownership share to the ESOP. A key principle behind the ESOP is to build retirement income for employee owners and keep a loyal workforce that is insulated from the ups and down of the mortgage industry.

Joseph S. Restivo, CEO and President of AmNet said, “With the talent at ADPI, it’s an opportunity to train veterans and their families as future mortgage bankers for careers—loan officers, processors, underwriters and closers. As employee owners, military veterans and their spouses can work from anywhere. Most importantly, they make great team members who are fully engaged in growing the company.”

“We are excited to become employee owners of AmNet and benefit from their planned expansion throughout the US,” noted Markian Sich, Founder and CEO of ADPI. “Our members – the military community - want to learn new skills that are highly mobile, while simultaneously learning investing strategies that produce passive real estate income. In conjunction with AmNet, we've had great success in creating an incredible ecosystem of military family support.

VA loans are fundamental to AmNet’s business and this “partnership” encourages even more participation in this market. ADPI offers a free VA Loan Mastery course for everyone who wants to learn more about smart home purchases that build generational wealth.

About American Mortgage Network

American Mortgage Network (AmNet) is an Employee-owned company (ESOP) whose core business is originating primary residential mortgages. AmNet offers a full suite of purchase and refinancing products, including Conventional/Conforming, Government and Jumbo loans. AmNet targets all qualified borrowers for product offerings and is committed to fair lending practices in all licensed states. The company is now licensed in 20 states. Visit to learn more.

About Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI)

Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) is dedicated to helping all those who have served their country achieve financial stability and plan for their future. ADPI is fostering a community of individuals who want to better their lives by educating, mentoring and empowering them to become financially independent. Visit Active Duty Passive Income to learn more.

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