Immunoscore® included
in ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines 2020

Marseille, France, August 06, 2020 HalioDx SAS, the immuno-oncology diagnostic company, today announced that Immunoscore® has been included in the 2020 European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up for Localised Colon Cancer.

In these guidelines, Immunoscore® is considered for its ability to refine the prognosis of early colon cancer patients, in conjunction with the TNM1 scoring and thus to adjust the chemotherapy decision-making process in stage II and in low-risk stage III patients.

These guidelines complement the WHO (IARC) introduction of immune response as an important element of risk assessment for colorectal cancer, in addition to traditional histologic parameters.

“With increasing accuracy in patient’s risk of recurrence, precision medicine substantially improves therapeutic strategies”, said Pr. Josep Tabernero, from Barcelona, Director of Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) and co-author of guidelines. “Immunoscore® can be helpful to adjust the chemotherapy decision, notably when we have choices to make between quality of life and risk of relapse.“

“We are pleased that ESMO recognizes the extensive clinical validation of Immunoscore® in localised Colon cancer and consider it a significant milestone in our strategy to facilitate access to Immunoscore® testing through patient assistance programs and reimbursement initiatives,” said Vincent Fert, CEO of HalioDx.

The ESMO Guidelines are updated regularly to ensure the inclusion of the latest and most effective practices.


About Immunoscore®

Immunoscore® is an in vitro diagnostic test measuring the host immune response at the tumor site. It provides a robust, precise, and quantitative assessment of lymphocytic infiltration and has been shown to predict outcome and response to therapies in several indications. Immunoscore® is currently being investigated in a broad number of clinical studies and cancer indications for establishing its performances as a prognostic factor as well as a predictive factor for response to drugs, notably chemotherapies and immunotherapies.

Immunoscore® Colon is the first IVD diagnostic test of our Immunoscore® portfolio for which a comprehensive corpus of clinical data demonstrating its clinical utility associated with TNM scoring in the management of localised colon cancer has been published. Additional immune-based assays in the same portfolio are used as clinical trial assays to support translational research and clinical development. Those assays enable Multiplex Spatial Tissue Analysis and combine proprietary multiplexed immunohistochemistry, advanced image analysis and computerized algorithms.

Immunoscore® is commercially available in more than 20 countries.

About HalioDx

The Immune Response to Cancer Diagnostics

HalioDx is an immuno-oncology diagnostic company providing oncologists and drug development organizations with first-in-class Immune-based diagnostic products and services to guide cancer care and contribute to precision medicine in the era of immuno-oncology and combination therapies.

Leveraging the pioneering work of Dr Jérôme Galon, HalioDx provides a unique range of immune scoring solutions including its flagship Immunoscore® assay for the assessment of the immune contexture of a tumor, as a key determinant of patients’ outcomes and response to cancer treatments.

HalioDx has developed a unique Biopharma partnering ecosystem for the identification of clinically relevant biomarker signatures, the demonstration of their clinical utility in trials and the development and commercialization of resulting diagnostic or companion diagnostic tests. Our programs draw on our expertise and focus on immuno-oncology, a complete suite of genomic and proteomic biomarker profiling services, a world-class data analysis and biostatistics platform, and CLIA-certified laboratories with compliant facilities in Europe and in the US to develop, manufacture, register and market in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. HalioDx has rapidly become the preferred partner of Biopharma developing therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, chemotherapies, oncolytic peptides, and CAR-T cell therapies

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Immunoscore® is a registered trademark of Inserm licenced to HalioDx. Brightplex®, TMExplore™ and Immunosign® are registered trademarks of HalioDx.


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