The Top 10 Social Media Coaches of 2020


New York City, New York, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The uprise of Social Media over the last decade has seen a few entrepreneurs capitalise on the abundance of attention, creating multi million dollar brands and businesses through online platforms. Using social media to build and grow a brand takes time, knowledge and experience, which is where the role of a coach becomes vital for success. According to Boost Media Agency, there are a few entrepreneurs who know the tricks of the trade, and have created great success through social media, and are helping their clients do the same. Here we present  the 10 social media coaches leading the way in their industry:

Kamelia Britton (@kamelia.britton)
A former travel and lifestyle influencer turned Instagram business coach, Kamelia Britton now works with those wanting to establish themselves and their personal brands online. She helps entrepreneurs grow their presence online to attract a loyal audience for their business, through her deep understanding of how Instagram works, and her working experience with major brands such as GoDaddy, Expedia, and The Four Seasons. Before she ventured the world of coaching, Kamelia had a modest upbringing and like many others, she wanted to explore the world. Figuring out how to travel for free, soon enough Kamelia made herself an expert in travel hacking that eventually led her into getting paid partnerships and becoming an influencer on Instagram. Her knowledge of social media enabled her to establish an 8-week Instagram Success coaching program. With this program, Kamelia teaches entrepreneurs of any kind, how they can benefit from high-quality content, giving them personalized mentorship from herself, ensuring they are maximising their potential online. They’ll also be part of an online community where they can connect with other people for feedback and engagement, while also gaining new acquaintances that have often spark new friendships. Kamelia has overcome her own adversities in the past few years, which has given her a new perspective on life and inspired her further to empower others facing their own challenges. If you’re wanting to create a thriving social media, Kamelia has the breadth of experience to get you there.

Lissette Calveiro (@lissettecalv)

Working in the heart of New York city as a social media strategist, content creator, and coach Lissette Calveiro has also been a well-established influencer for more than 4 years, garnering a large and loyal following along the way. With proven expertise in social media, influencer marketing, digital partnerships and earned media strategy, Lissette previously worked as a Director of Influencer Marketing at Ogilvy, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Her 8-year experience in PR and digital marketing, working with many global and Fortune 500 companies, helped Lissette quickly position herself as an expert in the field of social media. With her recently launched 12-week group coaching program, Influencer Business Mastermind, Lissette shares her prowess to aspiring influencers looking to transform their social presence into a profitable business, through brand partnerships and digital product launches. As a social media coach, Lissette’s approach is focused on creating a purpose-driven narrative to attract the ideal followers of her clients, instead of focusing efforts on vanity metrics that are only satisfying on paper – which doesn’t actually help them understand their performance and impact their business goals. If you're looking for a social media coach to elevate your value and chances of success, while eliminating social media limiting beliefs along the way, Lissette Calveiro has the breadth of experience to get you there.

Jera Foster-Fell (@jera.bean)

In just five years, Jera Foster-Fell went from drowning in a soul-draining job while suffering from social anxiety, to owning multiple six-figure businesses and dominating the lifestyle community of social media. Now having amassed over 170k followers on Instagram and a staggering 500k followers on TikTok, Jera has been crowned as the queen of pivoting — from graphic designer to SoulCycle instructor, content creator, and Instagram strategist. The growth of her platforms inspired Jera to turn her learnings into a package she can offer to people who are interested in creating their own personal brand online. Through her signature course, The Social Media Saloon, she reveals to her clients the secrets to building a loyal and engaged community, and all the steps they need to take advantage of social media as a tool for their businesses. For three months, Jera commits to guide her students every single day, teaching them how to stand out in a saturated market, increase their engagement and visibility, and turn their followers to paying clients. With her knowledge and breadth of experience, Jera is an expert at transforming you and your brand into a masterpiece.

Tracy Harris (@mumswithhustle)

Formerly a tech-loving primary teacher, Tracy Harris has since spent the last 5 years dedicated to teaching online marketing and Instagram to her extensive list of clients, delivering incredible results in the process. After the birth of her first son, Tracy decided to create her own flexible work arrangements, starting her movement and also Australia's Top-Rated podcast "Mums With Hustle". Using Instagram as her core marketing platform, it's this strong foundation that has enabled the mum of two to build her 7-figure online business from home, whilst raising her two babies. Tracy is fiercely passionate about helping other women to do the same, which is why she offers several self-paced online courses. The standout of her work however, is her online Social Method Society Membership, where she teaches women how to successfully start, grow and scale their businesses using Instagram, as part of a complete digital strategy. Currently serving over 1000 active members in a variety of niches, Tracy's Social Method has helped her clients and community achieve extraordinary results. Inside of this membership, women have unlimited access to online training, monthly group coaching and a collaborative networking community of other members. Tracy and her work are unique, as her focus is to help women successfully blend motherhood and business. Tracy is passionate towards helping women advance financially, build their own profitable businesses, and gives them the freedom to live a well-balanced, values-based life.

Tiffany Monterey Cheung (

 Tiffany Monterey Cheung is a social media coach committed to empowering women entrepreneurs to create content that converts and turn their followers into paying clients. Her affliction for content creation began at age 14 when she first published her first novel, followed up by a sequel just 2 years later. In 2010, when social media was in its early days, Tiffany joined Instagram without knowing how impactful it would become. In 2012 upon graduating high school, Tiffany embarked on a journey as a communication major, working in the corporate world until she lost her job due to unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately for her, she had been working on her side hustle as a content creator, and in just a few months she was able to establish a coaching business that helped women from different backgrounds follow her lead, and create profitable businesses of their own through her 3-step method she calls Niche-Attract-Nurture. Tiffany trains her clients on how to utilize all features on Instagram to convert followers into paying customers and allows her clients to breakdown limiting beliefs about success and misconceptions about growing a business on social media, empowering them to tap into an abundance mindset by recommending affirmations, setting intentions, and getting clear with their goals when creating content. Tiffany has become a role model to so many following in her footsteps, and continues to help her clients shine bright.

Soraya Goddard (@sorayagoddard)

With an unconventional background compared to most, Soraya Goddard has been a United States Army Officer for the past 20 years, and has made her own unique path to social media and coaching. It’s no secret that a military career can be a roller coaster of emotions, and due to exhaustion and a desire for more freedom, Soraya set out 5 years ago to build an online empire to create more time, money and freedom. Turning to social media to connect with clients and customers online, she naturally had people come to her asking for coaching. Soraya’s primary passion is showing working women that they too can grow an income online, that has the potential to blossom into the money, time and freedom they all desperately want. Soraya currently coaches and teaches hundreds of online marketers and network marketers on using social media, particularly Instagram, to grow their business, regardless of vanity metrics such as how many followers they have. She’s also been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, spoken on stage and various panels with top industry leaders and also hosts a podcast, which is aimed at teaching how to authentically and simply grow your business on social media. Soraya practices what she preaches and shows her clients exactly how to develop an authentic online presence, helping them succeed and impact others at the same time.  

Ksenia Avdulova (@whereisksenia)

After building multiple successful online businesses herself, Ksenia Avdulova decided to start her boutique consultancy, helping businesses create an aligned online presence. Also the founder of the award-nominated platform Breakfast Criminals, a sought-after public speaker and a social media coach, Ksenia’s work is centred around expanded consciousness in the digital age. Named "35 Under 35 In Wellness" by Wanderlust, Ksenia is here to transform how you show up and make money online through her entrepreneurship podcast and the Conscious Social Media Method. Born out of the idea of combining a spiritually rich life while using social media to create abundance, she developed the Conscious Social Media Method to bring only the most effective principles, tools and mindsets behind her work to conscious entrepreneurs, coaches and healers. Her tested methodology aims to bridge your inner tech (intuition) and outer tech (social media). Combining over 15 years of experience building brands on social media, multiple successful entrepreneurial endeavours and a life-long study of spiritual energy, Ksenia is on a mission to guide others to an empowered relationship with social media and an aligned online presence that converts. Ksenia is the only social media coach whose work is based on the idea of bridging your inner tech with outer tech, making her work incredibly unique, and of the leading conscious entrepreneurs in the world.

Brianna Ganewatte (@brianna.leegan)

Growing up in Sri Lanka, Brianna was seen as the girl who always questioned the culture and norms of society. She was also seen as “too ambitious” wanting to go to a top university in the US without knowing how. Having achieved her goal and graduated from UC Berkeley, CA with a degree in Psychology, Brianna developed a fascination with the digital marketing world. She started working with a few businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area doing FB Ads and Social Media Marketing. In just 3 short months, she was running a successful Digital Marketing business mostly through referrals from satisfied customers. With hopes of creating a bigger impact in the world, she pivoted into coaching as she realised that it’s much better to teach someone how to fish, than to just give them a fish. Now Brianna guides her clients through building profitable businesses, by leveraging the power of Instagram, without the hassle of trying to reach 10K followers. She strongly believes that vanity metrics are not important and instead focuses on helping her clients build a loyal community of followers who are willing to buy their services the moment they release them. In her 1:1 coaching program Brianna takes on a holistic approach and produces incredible results for her clients. She guides her clients to align their mindset and strategy in order to stand out within their industry and sell out their offers even without a massive following. 

Jen Sukhan (@sukhansocialmedia)

A passionate social media coach, manager, and engagement specialist, Jen Sukhan has helped local and international business owners connect with customers and grow their businesses through social media. She founded Sukhan Social Media as a platform to help establish foundations for new business owners, and also help seasoned entrepreneurs pivot their strategy to achieve their highest potential. Jen focuses on teaching them how to build relationships with their target market as she believes that it is the most important factor in scaling businesses. Growing her own community over the last few years since she left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship, Jen has proven that word of mouth or referrals from people will really help any business gain that trust they need to be successful. In Sukhan Social Media, they offer social media management and coaching and consulting services to help business owners stay on top of the game. Everything they put on the table is tried and tested, giving their clients proven solutions to get their desired results. Jen and her team tailor their approach depending on the goals of each client, as she believes that understanding everyone’s uniqueness will help them stand out from their competitors, which she’s proven to be true time and time again.

Amanda Shepherd (@smmsociety)

A social media manager for over a decade, Amanda Shepherd has had the privilege of working with an extensive client list, including a diverse range of businesses from all around the world. Amanda has been able to leverage her social media skill set to help her clients build their communities, improve brand recognition and increase their sales. The success she’s been able to create has led Amanda to have a thriving career, where she works with her exclusive clientele from wherever she happens to be in the world. Amanda created the Social Media Manager Society, in aims to teach women how to be highly successful social media managers, land their dream clients and overcome their fear of rejection so they too can work whenever, wherever, and however they want! Understanding how social media always changes and evolves, Amanda emphasizes the importance of a mentor to keep you up-to-date, accountable and on track to success. Unlike other coaches, she implements everything she teaches into her own work – all proven methods that she’s learned, created, and utilized herself over the last decade. Amanda offers both 1:1 coaching and a group program, where she’s built a strong community - which we all know is a pillar for success. “I feel like the community we’ve built inside the Social Media Manager Society stands out. We really do love cheering each other on, sharing client leads, learning from one another, and just chatting about random things,” Amanda explained. Fulfilling her passion of making social media fun and creating great success for her clients is what Amanda is driven to do.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible social media coaches, as they continue to thrive and help their clients grow. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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