Conduit Launches To Connect Qualified Entrepreneurs With Operator Investors and Select Venture Capital Funds

Exclusive global marketplace curates relationships between tomorrow’s biggest founders and experienced angels

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conduit, the premium capital marketplace that matches qualified entrepreneurs with strategic financing from experienced operator investors and select VC funds, launched today. Conduit has been operating in closed beta for founders and investors since January 2020. The exclusive, invite-only platform currently serves a few thousand members, providing access to funding for startups across enterprise software, consumer tech, ecommerce, security and fintech industries, ranging in size from pre-seed to Series A.

Conduit empowers founders worldwide to find strategic capital outside of their immediate networks, making entrepreneurship more inclusive by democratizing access to financing, and providing global access to investment opportunities.

Founded by serial investors Edward Lando and Sree Kolli, Conduit addresses the pain points felt by both founders and investors within a shifting, overcrowded venture capital landscape. With a deep focus on the quality of investment opportunities and forging meaningful relationships, Conduit enables venture capitalists to seamlessly connect with the next generation of disruptive companies and empowers founders to secure not only financial support, but the wisdom of experienced operators needed to scale their businesses.

On Conduit, founders connect with carefully vetted angels, including successful founders, business operators leading teams at larger technology companies, family offices, and select venture capitalists. Current investors on the Conduit platform include Sandy Cass, COO/CFO of Artsy, Dave Gilboa, Co-founder of Warby Parker, Jennifer Fleiss, Co-founder of Rent the Runway, Jess Mah, Founder/CEO of inDinero, Jon Oringer, Founder/Chairman of Shutterstock, Nat Turner, Co-founder of Flatiron Health, and Michael Vaughan, Former COO of Venmo.

“At Conduit, we’re engineering serendipity: building connections between investors and founders who may never have had the chance to meet, but who both see extraordinary value in a mutual relationship,” said Conduit Co-Founder Edward Lando. “We provide the opportunity for founders to connect with business operators who have been in their shoes, and understand their unique industry challenges and risks, providing them with personalized, valuable insight as they scale.”

“Conduit enabled me to discover promising startups that would have otherwise flown under the radar and to connect with passionate founders eager to build the change-the-world companies of tomorrow,” said Nat Turner, Co-founder of Flatiron Health. “Conduit’s marketplace makes it easier to cut through the noise, forge meaningful relationships, and uncover new, disruptive prospects, filterable by specific interests or up-and-coming industries.”

Investors can sign up for a basic subscription at no charge, which comes with a limited number of weekly introductions to founders. Investors can also opt for a premium membership which comes with unlimited access to the platform. The Conduit marketplace is free to use for founders.

To further empower founders and inspire deeper engagement, Conduit also offers a curated library content resources for founders, including robust how-to guides, weekly newsletters, and Office Hours audio sessions.

About Conduit
Conduit is a premium global marketplace dedicated to democratizing capital and improving the quality of connections between founders and experienced investors. Founded in 2020 by serial investors Edward Lando and Sree Kolli, Conduit connects qualified startup founders with strategic angel financing from operator investors and select venture capitalists. Conduit is free for founders and is available via a freemium membership model for investors. For more information, visit

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