SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boyet Diamond, a business with a complete industrial chain ranging from raw ore mining, cutting, import and export to sales, is today listed on the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and has received a AAA credit rating in China. Boyet Diamond is accelerating its Asia-Pacific expansion to occupy the Chinese market.

Diamonds, every girl's best friend, are symbols of a solid, lasting relationship and the start of a happy marriage... But has someone ever wondered who told you all this?

More than one hundred years ago, diamonds could only be found along a few Indian rivers and in the jungles of Brazil, and their scarcity - only a few kilograms made their way onto the market every year - made them both very expensive and the preserve of the aristocracy. However, the discovery of huge diamond reserves - promising tonnes of output - in South Africa in 1870 caused panic among mine investors: the flood of so many diamonds onto the market would surely devalue their diamonds!

In response, the most famous diamond investor of the time, Cecil Rhodes, founded De Beers in 1888 and bought up almost all of the world's major diamond mines. At the height of its power, De Beers would control 90% of the world's diamonds for nearly a century. New diamond discoveries and mining at the end of the twentieth century brought De Beers' market share down to 40%, but the diamond market remained dominated by other well-known players, which is why diamond still commanded sky-high prices.

Through the integration of the industry chain, Boyet Diamond has shattered the diamond industry's traditional monopoly marketing model, significantly reducing the exploitation of profits at all levels of the supply chain, and sharing these profits with all customers. The company's profit-sharing model attracts customers to share directly in and rapidly expand market access, establishing a perfect O2O virtuous circle business model and achieving the ultimate concept of diamonds for everyone. Steeled with the new sales model, it has gained consumers' confidence by creating a profit of 120% to 150% higher than its competitors, making Boyet Jewelry emerged among many high end jewelry brands.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every industry in the world, including the diamond shipping and processing sector. Therefore, Boyet Diamond has accelerated its move into the Asia Pacific region by actively integrating all the Group's resources within China to establish a jewellery processing factory in Guangzhou. The company has also brought together a team of top jewellery artisans from around the Asia Pacific to provide direct services to customers in the region, and completed negotiations with The Peninsular Hotel Group to host a high-end flagship store. This diversified and innovative model has helped Boyet accelerate its capture of the Asia Pacific diamond market and earned Boyet Diamond its reputation as a new-generation diamond giant.

According to diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky, China accounts for 15% of global diamond jewellery consumption, and in the face of the ravages of COVID-19, most Chinese manufacturers in the middle and lower reaches of the diamond industry chain are seeking to strengthen their position through innovative and diversified approaches. Issac Othniel, Chief Executive Officer of Boyet Diamonds, quoted that: "In addition to the advantages of our complete industrial chain, Boyet Diamond has established further powerful competitive protection with its clear-focused, effective new business model." Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boyet Diamond remains entirely unaffected, opening up another new era of unparalleled wealth and prosperity for its business.

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