Money: Investing in Gold for a Huge Return on Investment in 2021


New York, NY, Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Financial professional Ken Poirot, who has experience supervising the investment of billions in client assets, says investing in gold now could offer a return on investment from 20% to an astonishing 100% in 2021.

In recently published articles titled, Money: Investing in Gold and Investing: Return for Investment, Ken Poirot states he has "never been more concerned about the fundamentals of the US and global economies than… right now.”

Additionally, Ken Poirot states, “Quite simply, there is no reason for the US stock market to be at or approaching all-time highs after US GDP just plunged by 32.9% with a 10.2% unemployment rate. 

Furthermore, with all the corporate bankruptcies, many of the jobs lost due to the coronavirus pandemic will not come back. For these reasons alone, the current US stock market highs are unsustainable and completely disconnected from the underlying fundamentals of the US economy.”

Ken Poirot expects the markets to fall when investors finally face reality: the economy will not bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic as quickly as investors had hoped. Therefore, investors looking for a return on investment will panic when the market does fall; many investors will seek return for investment in traditional flight-to-safety assets like physical gold. 

As outlined in Ken Poirot’s article titled, Money: Investing During the Coronavirus Pandemic, he highlights how the global recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent government spending spree will cause inflation, further leading to higher gold prices. 

According to Ken Poirot, uncertainty in the financial markets, inflationary pressures, and the law of supply and demand will all converge resulting in a return on investment from 20% to 100% for gold in the next year: now is the time for investing in gold. 

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