Innovative Companies Partner to Solve Plastics Waste Crisis

ePac Flexible Packaging and RePurpose Technologies Create Disruptive Solution for Plastics Recycling

Austin, Texas USA, Aug. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ePac Flexible Packaging, the first company created based entirely on breakthrough digital printing from HP and RePurpose Technologies (RPT), which provides engineered product solutions through purpose-driven recycling, have announced a partnership to effectively solve the crisis that leads to 9 out of 10 pieces of discarded plastic waste polluting our environment*.  The community-based model, which can be replicated easily, provides a transparent and economically viable solution that can once and for all cure the grave problem of our overflowing landfills.

ePac operates a network of 14 US community-based flexible packaging facilities focusing on supporting the growth of small and medium-sized companies. Through the power of digital printing every package produced can be serialized with a unique code that allows it to be tracked from production through reuse. Using IoT/Blockchain technology, data can be collected to provide tracking information to brands and retailers, while educating consumers about the package they just discarded and incentivizing them to practice a sustainable lifestyle.

RPT utilizes proprietary formulations and patented technology to manufacture high demand products from co-mingled plastics.  Through a ‘plastics only’ collection process specifically designed to reduce handling and carbon footprint, RPT’s platform allows direct consumer engagement and traceability to ensure no plastic is left behind.  

By forming this partnership, ePac and RPT will create replicable recycling facilities starting in 2021 that are able to create a circular community-focused solution. The ability to track and trace every package will provide supply chain transparency to all parties in the value chain.

“I’m excited to be a part of the team and the collaboration with ePac that allows everyone to take action and be part of the solution,” said Claudine Osipow, CEO of RePurpose Technologies.

Jack Knott, ePac’s CEO added: “The reason we started ePac was to play a small part in rebuilding our communities; our relationship with RPT will allow us to continue in that direction with a reliable, sustainable, and transparent solution”.

 About ePac Flexible Packaging

ePac’s digital printing platform is inherently more sustainable than conventional printing methods and enables the company to provide fast time to market, economical short and medium run length jobs, customization, and the ability to order to demand to avoid costly inventory and obsolescence. Digital printing is unique in its ability to create serialized traceable codes, each one specific to a single package or SKU.

 About RePurpose Technologies

RePurpose Technologies provides engineered product solutions through purpose-driven recycling and transparently unites the entire supply chain in a simple, sustainable, and economically viable platform that can withstand market fluctuations while achieving zero landfills.


* Source - Flexible Packaging Association. “91% of all plastics end up in landfills.”




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