Elevations RTC Tackles COVID-19 Challenges To Preserve A Safe Environment

Syracuse, Utah, Aug. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elevations RTC, a Residential Treatment Center offering programs for troubled teens across the United States, has been forced to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last few months. It is a trying time for a lot of people, but Elevations believes that its proactive approach with its facilities and staff has them prepared better than any program in the country. As students transition in this year, parents can expect a clean and safe environment with teachers equipped to handle any challenges.


The question so many parents have regarding any school, programs, or another gathering place involves cleanliness. Not only does the facility need to be extremely clean, but proper measures for social distancing from other children is essential as well.

Elevations RTC Utah has spent the last few months making sure that the facility is above and beyond a safe environment for everyone. There will be more space than ever before, keeping students out of large groups. A strict mask policy is now in place that all staff on campus must follow to protect the spread of germs as well. New students will wear a mask and socially distant from other students for the initial entry into the program. Just about every room at the facility has received tweaks to make every interaction a bit more spread out, cutting down the potential spread of the virus.

Extra attention to mental health

Mental health its something that Elevations RTC takes very seriously in its programs. With the pandemic, it is as essential as ever before to not only treat established mental health issues but look for warning signs if other issues pop up.

The changes students face the school year at a developing age can put a lot of stress on anyone. If it appears students need additional attention to a new problem, the staff will help tweak the existing program to provide further assistance.

Why RTC is still a top choice for troubled teens

It is without question scary for a lot of parents to send their children off to a center that might not be particularly close to home. It is even scarier with the pandemic looming over the entire country. Elevations RTC believes that it has put in the work to be prepared to keep things as normal as possible.

Smaller groups

Elevation’s programs have always catered to a specific age group, types of therapy, and more. Their programs have always been at a smaller class size to help give each student the attention they need. There will also be plenty of space for students to socially distance.

Informed and prepared staff

The entire Elevations RTC staff is also well prepared for the changes to a typical day that will be present for the foreseeable future. Elevations has spent a lot of time going through new procedures, explaining what to do during certain situations, and keep everything as fluid as possible. There will without a doubt be changes throughout the year based on what the licensing agent health officials might recommend, but for now, the entire program is as safe as one can expect anywhere in the country.

Keeping parents informed

Finally, Elevations is stepping up family involvement this year for those who want to receive updates. Students will have additional opportunities to make calls during the week, continue weekly skype family therapy, virtual parent seminars, and continued contact with their child through Elevations’ Family Bridge.

A new normal?

The challenges Elevations RTC faces for the next few months, or even a year for that matter is not unique. With that said, Elevations believes that they have been as proactive as possible to keep it not only one of the best programs for troubled teens, but the cleanest and safest during this pandemic.

For more information on all the changes, they have made going into Fall 2020, visit their website at elevationsrtc.com.


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