BOSTON, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Value Ventures announced today that it has acquired the assets of, and has relaunched the consumer-focused automotive analytics and listings site as

The company also named Scott Baker, former Goldman Sachs and Ford Motor Company alumni, as its President, and Jeremy Hepler,’s founder, as its Principal Developer.  The company also announced that it has received a significant private equity capital investment to grow its online automotive business, and has substantially increased its vehicle offerings to over two million listings.’s founder, Jeremy Hepler, speaking to the announcement, states, “I am delighted to join Digital Value Ventures in creating an exciting new site in, and am excited about our prospects going forward.  We have proven the viability of our business model in, and now it’s time to take the business to the next level.” 

Also commenting on the announcement, Mr. Baker offered, “Jeremy and his team have built a great business in, and its proprietary vehicle analytics will allow us to leverage that which has already received considerable consumer interest.”  Baker further added, “It is our intention that will be a best-in-class car-buyers advocacy site, with all the tools and analytics that consumers need to make educated and informed decisions when purchasing a new or used vehicle.” will utilize’s proprietary vehicle depreciation analysis software, as well as Mr. Baker’s issued and pending patents in the automotive e-commerce space.  The company’s announcement of its greatly expanded dealer vehicle listings, which are now in excess of two million, make one of the largest online vehicle listings aggregators in the US. will compete directly with and on vehicle research and analytics, and CarGurus,, AutoTrader and TrueCar on dealer vehicle listings. 

In the months to come, will be introducing additional consumer-focused vehicle analytic tools to complement the depreciation resources that it offers today.  With its greatly-expanded dealer vehicle listings, and its significant capital infusion, the company believes that it will have the platform and resources needed to substantially grow its existing business, and compete effectively against its more established competitors. 

About Digital Value Ventures

Digital Value Ventures (DVV) is an independent, US-based holding company with interests in the automotive e-commerce space. DVV focuses on creating consumer-friendly sites for automotive shoppers, to inform and educate them, in order to facilitate smart purchasing decisions.  Visitors to DVV sites can utilize proprietary, patent-issued and pending analytical tools to allow them to compare and contrast the relative values and operating costs of various vehicle makes and models. 

About was created to provide car shoppers with the same type of professional analytical tools that automotive manufacturers, dealers, and leasing companies use to assess the current and future value of vehicles.  Going forward, will also focus on other costs of vehicle ownership, so that consumers are able to see a fully-informed view of expected vehicle costs during their ownership period.’s goal is to be the ‘go-to’ site for serious car and truck shoppers who are focused on securing a good ‘value’ in their purchase, and are willing to do a little homework to achieve such. 

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