Top 21 Founders Changing The Way We Do Business in 2021

Vancouver ,Canada, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With adversity being known to breed innovation, it comes as no surprise that entrepreneurs world-wide are pivoting within their businesses to navigate the challenges created by the COVID19 pandemic. Revamping business models, restructuring safety protocols, and developing comprehensive digital presences are amongst the changes businesses are required to implement in order to ensure survival. Keeping this in mind we, at Mindful Media PR, have considered several factors like the quality of information, relevance, credibility, importance, before creating this list. Despite these challenges, entrepreneurs are inherently equipped with the grit and determination necessary to handle the current climate, having fostered innovation long before the onset of a world altering pandemic. For those familiar with the start up scene, margins are notoriously thin, operations commonly occur in the red, and reliance on the procurement of investor funding is typically the golden life-raft necessary to keep even the best ideas afloat, proving that entrepreneurship is not an endeavour intended for the faint of heart. 

Picture COVID19 like a cage-fight and the founders listed below as the contenders who grew up on the streets, seasoned with the experience that will give them the upper hand in any battle. These founders are all too familiar with the hustle and grind of building businesses and are taking the challenges that COVID19 presents as just that: challenges. We know they’ll be using their familiarity with creative problems to develop greater innovation that will allow their ventures to soar in 2021, changing the way we do business for decades to come while raising the bar another notch. Check out our uniquely curated list of champs who are battling it out every day in the ever changing and increasingly dynamic world of business, and see if their vision inspires a shift in your own operations as we step into a greater 2021.

1. Elon Musk
CEO and Founder of Tesla and SpaceX 

At the forefront of changing the global business landscape heading into 2021 is the effervescent CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. A household name by now, Elon originally stepped on the global entrepreneurship stage in 1999 as an instrumental contributor to PayPal. Today, Elon has expanded on his initial venture of bringing digital payment to the masses, and is now focussed on bringing the masses to the moon (well, at least those with surplus millions lying around). 

Despite his PayPal and SpaceX successes, Elon is arguably best known for his advances in the world of electric-cars as the CEO of Tesla. In his role as CEO, Elon has demonstrated a hands-on approach in terms of engineering as well as R & D, proving that his innovation extends past his business savviness. Since its formation in 2003, Tesla is now neck and neck with Toyota as the world’s most valuable automaker. Elon literally reaches for the stars as a business leader, exemplifying the limitless possibilities innovation can lead to. 

2. Melanie Perkins 
CEO and Co-Founder of Canva 

Melanie Perkins is the CEO and founder of the globally used and recognized graphic design platform, Canva. The Australian tech entrepreneur is one of the youngest female CEO’s to be leading a multibillion-dollar tech startup, which has been recently valued at $6 billion. Melanie devised the idea for Canva with her boyfriend and co-founder, Cliff Obrecht, in 2006 as an easy-to-use design program for fellow university students. At the time, Adobe and Microsoft were the leading design tools, yet they were notoriously challenging and time-consuming to use. Melanie predicted that in the future, graphic design platforms would become far more user-friendly and collaborative, which spurred her to set to work building the future of design. 

The official launch for Canva occurred in 2013 when Melanie Melanie was just 25. By 28, Melanie was featured on Forbes Under 30 Class Year, receiving recognition for Canva’s success and $165 million valuation. Four years and several billion dollars later, Canva has radically surpassed its original success. Had it not been for Melanie’s resiliency in the early days, Canva would cease to exist as we know it. After hearing “no” from over 100 investors, yet her perseverance and dedication eventually raised $27 million in 2013, which set the stage for the company’s immense growth in years following. Today, Canva provides accessible graphic design tools to over 20 million users, promoting creative freedom accessible to anyone with a freemium account.   

3. Boyan Slat 
CEO and Founder of The Ocean Cleanup 

Boyan Slat is the 26-year-old powerhouse responsible for cleaning up our ocean and educating a global audience on what needs to be done to prevent plastic pollution in the ocean as the Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup. With a passion for invention and entrepreneurship since birth, Boyan conceptualized the idea for The Ocean Cleanup after discovering more plastic than fish while diving in Greece at the age of 16 in 2011. This discovery led him to further investigate why ocean cleanup projects were few and far between, and what could be done to change that by making them more effective. Boyan’s research uncovered a new way of ridding the ocean of plastic through a passive system that employed the circulating ocean currents in transporting and trapping ocean contaminants.  

In 2012, Boyan shared the findings of his research at a TEDx talk in his home town of Delft, Netherlands. The virality of his TEDx coincided with his 2013 launch of The Ocean Cleanup, attracting the attention and support of a global audience. Having since received over $40 million in funding, Boyan and his team are well on their way to reaching their goal of removing 92% of plastic contamination from the ocean. The journey has included revisions to original designs, with a current focus on removing plastic from rivers as they are the primary point of entry for plastics into the ocean. Each obstacle that The Ocean Cleanup comes across is met with an innovative solution, proving why this non-profit will continue to succeed in ridding our oceans of plastic waste. 

4. Whitney Wolfe Herd 
CEO and Founder of Bumble

Whitney Wolf Heard is responsible for changing the dating game of the 21st century as the founder and CEO of Bumble. Launched in 2014, Bumble started as a dating app to empower women, ending the days of unsolicited pickup lines that can, at times, be cringe-inducing. Through Whitney’s leadership, Bumble’s placed the power of the pickup within the hands of the women, having to make the first move after matching with a potential contender. Her unique concept has turned the age-old expectation that “women need to be chased” on its head, encouraging the autonomous woman. Whitney’s drive to start Bumble was sparked by the turmoil she had experienced as a founding member of Tinder, a company she both left and sued over sexual harassment claims that were eventually settled, which speaks to the emphasis Whitney places on making Bumble a safe dating app for women. 
With Bumble’s valuation exceeding $1billion, Whitney Wolf Heard is recognized as one of the few female giants in the tech start-up scene. At the age of 27, Whitney was named on Forbes Top 30 under 30 in 2017 and was again recognized on the list in 2018 as she continued her successful leadership running Bumble’s day-to-day operations. The company has expanded from its original platform as a dating app, and operates today as a social app, launching BumbleBFF and BumbleBizz as virtual networking platforms. 

5. Patrick Collison and John Collison 
CEO and Co-Founders of Stripe

Patrick and John Collison are the Irish entrepreneurial brothers responsible for co-founding the globally recognized financial-tech giant Stripe, a payments infrastructure developed for the internet. The software is accessible to businesses of every size, ranging from new startups to public companies, in facilitating payments while allowing businesses to be managed online. Through recognizing a need for a safe and reliable internet payment platform, the brothers set forth to establish Stripe as an industry leader, launching the company in 2010. Stripe allows business owners to manage their revenue, prevent fraud, and expand internationally, offering an invaluable service to an economy that is increasing its reliance on eCommerce purchasing.

The Collison brothers acquired the backing of Y Combinator in the early days of the company’s conception, later receiving additional funding in the amount of $50 million from other VC firms, including Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz and PayPal alums, who recognized the value of the venture. Today, Stripe is valued at over $35 billion, a valuation that is predicted to grow with the reliance COVID19 has created on ecommerce shopping platforms. 

6. Yousef Abuzuaiter  
CEO and Founder OhFresh Brands

Yousef Abuzuaiter is the founder of OhFresh Brands, an American based beverage brand builder founded in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2018. OhFresh Brands works with a large variety of deliciously recognized beverages including Mogu Mogu, Sappe Aloe Vera, All Coco, and Tan Do in developing strategic business plans to properly market and distribute beverages on a global scale. As President of OhFresh Brands, Yousef brings to the role his extensive background in the consumer retail industry, one which he began at the age of 4 when working with his father at the family’s convenience store on weekends. 

In his mid-20’s, Yousef was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a diagnosis that limited his pursuit of an athletic career in football, and an academic career in science and mathematics. This diagnosis further made operating & managing the checkout counter at the family’s convenience stores an exhaustive task. Yousef pivoted his career direction to embrace the challenges he was faced with, founding EnergyNC as a wholesale and supply company in 2005, focusing on the distribution of unique and delicious beverages while providing unparalleled customer service. Through this focus, Yousef built a 1 million case operation consisting of 51 employees serving over 3500 retailers, all beginning from the trunk of his car. Today, EnergyNC paved the way to launch OhFresh, which operates under the same standards of beverage quality and customer service inherent to any project Yousef embarks on, quenching clients’ thirst for satisfaction through serving over 20,000 retailers worldwide. 

7. Cody Curley and Simeon Garratt
Co-Founders of 

Simeon Garratt and Cody Curley are responsible for redefining the new development real estate industry as the co-founders of Launched in 2014, Spark provides a digital platform designed to sell, market, and manage new development in real estate. It eliminates the need for physical paper documents, providing real estate developers, project marketing agencies, and brokerage firms complete control over the sales process. Three out of every four buildings comprising the Manhattan skyline rely on Spark’s innovation to facilitate their development and leasing needs, proving the value this Vancouver based firm is providing to the global real estate economy. 

CEO and Co-Founder Simeon Garratt launched Spark, his passion project at the time, from his living room at the age of 23. As the third company in Garratt’s founder portfolio, the start-up veteran coupled his past entrepreneurial experience as well as an 8+ year career in the real estate and tech industry in ensuring Spark to be his most successful venture to date. Cody Curley joined Garratt in Co-Founding Spark, bringing to the venture his 15+ years of experience in communication design, branding, and publication. Curley ensures that Spark is positioned above competitors through his attention to design detail, maintaining the brand’s standard for physical design aesthetics and optimal user experience. After raising $5 million in tech funding which kick-started the company’s growth, Spark is valued today at $25 million and consists of a team of 20 full-time employees that continue to drive the success of the company in over 80 cities worldwide. Through Garratt and Curley’s strong leadership, Spark is positioned at the forefront of bringing the new development industry into a digital era. 

8. Rachel Romer Carlson and Brittany Stich
CEO and Founders of Guild Education

Rachel Romer Carlson and Brittany Stich are the female co-founders of Guild, an industry leader in reinventing educational training and learning pathways in America. Founded in 2015, Guild has partnered with Fortune 1000 companies and non-profit universities in offering education benefits to employees. The entrepreneurial duo, recognized on Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list in 2017, has partnered with some of America’s largest companies in providing education options for employees in frontline positions, including Walmart, Taco Bell, and Disney. 

Rachel and Brittany co-founded Guild as a passion project to bring educational benefits to the more than 30 million working adults in the U.S. who are without a high school diploma, and the 70% of the U.S. population without a college degree. Knowing that lack of education further perpetuates the poverty cycle, Rachel and Brittany strive to provide equal opportunities to the majority of U.S. citizens who are prevented from obtaining professional development resulting from inherently high barriers to education. The Denver based startup, which is valued today at $1 billion, has provided over 3 million employees with access to Guild programs, having raised over $228.5 million from social impact investors who share the co-founders’ passion in providing education opportunities for all.   

9. Gerard Barron 
Co-Founder and CEO of DeepGreen

As the Co-Founder and CEO of DeepGreen, Gerard Barron is on a mission to explore the unknown and find a more sustainable future for our planet, weaning humanity off its dependence on fossil fuels. With the global expansion of electric vehicles and renewable energy, Gerard and his team at DeepGreen have recognized a need for sustainably sourced metals used in the batteries required by such green innovations. They believe that society’s best option to sustainably source these metals is from polymetallic nodules found in the depths of the ocean, and they want to ensure that these metals are sustainably sourced in order to make the implementation of green energy a worthy pursuit. 

Gerard brings to DeepGreen his seasoned entrepreneurial background in building a variety of companies in the industries of battery technology, media, and future-focussed resource development. As Co-Founder, Gerard was involved at the start-up’s conception in 2011, moving into the role of Chairman and CEO in 2017. As industry leaders in the pursuit of sustainable energy sources, DeepGreen is positioned at the forefront of an environmental shift in the way society interacts with energy. 

10. Reshma Saujani
Nonprofit Founder of Girls Who Code

Reshma Saujani is responsible for closing the gender gap in technology and changing the image of what a programmer looks like as the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. Launched in 2012, Girls Who Code is the world’s largest pipeline of future female engineers through encouraging the participation of women in the computer science industry. The non-profit organization offers a 7-week Summer Immersion Program, a 2-week specialized Campus Program, and a variety of after school Clubs all with the intent to promote female participation in the inherently male-dominated world of technology. 

Over the past few decades, Reshma noted a 13% decline of females working as computer scientists, which dropped from 37% in 1995 to 24% today. Through launching Girls Who Code, Reshma’s mission is to close this gender gap in new entry-level tech jobs by 2027. Her career experience as an American attorney inspired Reshma to become the first Indian American woman to run for U.S. Congress in 2010. This journey took her to many local schools, providing a first-hand look at the gender gap commonly found in computing classes. Today, Reshma’s observation from her political run in 2010 has turned into a full-scale operation empowering girls to develop their computing skills, which reached over 185,000 girls across the U.S., Canada, and the UK at the end of 2019. 

11. Marc Angelo Coppola 
Founder, Farmer, Philanthropreneur, Storyteller

Marc Angelo Coppola is the founder of Superhero Academy, as well as a Founding Member of Valhalla Coop Farm, both ventures showcasing his entrepreneurial ambition in changing the world for the better. Superhero Academy is both a podcast and community focussed on maximizing impact through encouraging participants to share their unique gifts with the world, touching lives with the movements they inspire. Coppola appeals to social entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers in a variety of industries, promoting them to become everyday superheroes through harnessing their potential. Followers become experts in Coppola’s definition of ROI (Ripple of Impact), inspiring them to lead a purposeful life.

As a Founding Member of Valhalla Coop Farm, Coppola and his fellow founders are transforming 80+ acres of land outside of Montreal, Canada into an “...expanding community of passionate entrepreneurs, experts, chefs and farmers looking to impact the world starting right where it matters most - our home soil.” Valhalla is seeding a movement meant to reframe the time scale in which we make business and life decisions. Its pilot farm operates under the mission that the power of regenerative agriculture and storytelling can be used to build a thriving, al-natural ecosystem, inspiring a passionate community of entrepreneurs to account for the ecosystem when building out their businesses. 

12. Grady Flinn 
Founder & CEO of FlinnWest Solutions Inc. 

Before Grady Flinn founded Flinn West Solutions, his digital passion began in 1982 with a Commodore Vic 20 and a talent for learning how to code. Over 30 years later, the technology has changed, but his dedication to being at the forefront of the industry remains. Innovation has become synonymous with Flinn’s name throughout the digital marketing world. From three-sixty degree marketing plans to his latest automated pitch deck, Grady custom designs solutions for a variety of diverse businesses, driving both client engagement and conversions. 

Flinn has taken his years of experience and is now proudly growing a team of dedicated marketing specialists at Flinnwest, a boutique digital marketing firm proudly located in his hometown of White Rock, British Columbia. Be it web or software design, digital advertising, social media, multimedia, email marketing, CRM, or other online needs; Grady Flinn and Flinnwest Solutions can provide the solution for any vision. 

“Our team will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed them.” 
-Grady Flinn

13. Katja Kempe 
CEO and Founder of Viveka 

Australian Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Katja Kempe, is responsible for founding Viveka, the world’s largest platform for coaches, trainers, and professional development experts. Kempe brings transparency and trust to the unregulated coaching industry by enforcing a stringent vetting process, peer to peer feedback, and ratings amongst the 2,000 members and 75,000 followers comprising the Viveka community. The 160 billion-dollar industry currently consists of over 2 million coaches and is experiencing a 7% annual growth rate, making it challenging to navigate. Kempe and her team ensure optimal coaching results by effectively matching client requirements and facilitating coaching sessions with accountability software. Furthermore, companies are offered a complete learning and development solution to effectively allocate, execute, and measure all corporate training requirements. 

Viveka positions itself as a trusted partner in life and business with a core philosophy of Success Without Compromise by making transformational learning & experiences available to billions of people around the world. The term Viveka translates into discernment, knowledge, and truth, reflecting the values fundamental to the company founded by Kempe in 2017 out of Sydney, Australia. Today, Viveka operates out of both Los Angeles and Sydney, offering its services to a global audience. In a society that is increasingly valuing the benefits of coaching, Kempe’s discovery provides effective coaching solutions to the masses informed by AI and powered by humans.  

14. Cynthia Thurlow 
Everyday Wellness Project  

Cynthia Thurlow is the founder of the Everyday Wellness Project, the umbrella organization for her many ventures that are changing the way people, specifically women, are engaging with nutrition. The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur is a globally recognized public speaker, author, podcast host, nutrition expert, and nurse practitioner with over 20+ years of ER and cardiology clinical experience. Cynthia recognized the power of modern medicine in essential situations but believes that nutrition neglect is at the root of many chronic health problems. After becoming “...passionate about learning how I could help my own family, patients, and clients avoid chronic health issues and diseases before they even became a problem,” Cynthia was inspired to launch Everyday Wellness Project as an educational platform.  Cynthia’s shift from nurse practitioner to public speaker resulted from a realization that “My voice can impact more people on a stage.” She was then inspired to do multiple TEDx talks, including one on Perimenopause and then the viral talk on Intermittent Fasting in 2019.

The topic of intermittent fasting is one that she is now known globally as an expert in, specifically targeting strategies for women who struggle with issues related to lack of energy, weight gain, and insomnia at middle age. Through the Everyday Wellness Project, Cynthia has compiled a library of services available to women to accommodate their unique challenges, including 1:1 coaching and an Intermittent Fasting Masterclass. Cynthia has proven through her work with thousands of patients and clients that women don’t need to be held to societal limiting beliefs about weight gain and aging.

15. Spencer O’Neal & Evan Hamlin
Co-Founders of Alexander Drake 

Alexander Drake is a venture worthy of recognition for the story it shares about family connection and the historical significance it inspires. Cofounders and cousins, Evan Hamlin and Spencer O’Neal launched Alexander Drake as a tribute to their grandfather, a WWII veteran, and collector of artifacts, after his passing. Having both had coin collections that anchored them to their grandfather, the cousins decided to immortalize their collections in the form of luxury jewelry, sparking the beginning of Alexander Drake. “While we’re initially focused on 2000-year-old Greek and Roman coins, our goal is to fuse ancient history with art to create timeless pieces — heirlooms, really — that can be passed down for generations,” says Evan.

As co-founder, Evan Hamlin's background in strategy consulting and Wharton MBA led him to successfully help grow two Silicon Valley startups to valuations exceeding $500+ million, and which were sold to Twitter and Salesforce. His success in Silicon Valley allowed him to take a sabbatical and focus on Alexander Drake, bringing his deep entrepreneurial experience. For Spencer O’Neal, his corporate career began on the trading floors of a Fortune 100 midstream energy company, where he “realized the American corporate path wasn’t the only one I wanted to walk.” Spencer’s career pivot included attending Rice’s MBA program, which took him overseas into the role of Global Sales Director at a Fortune 100 London-based global energy management company. Since conceptualizing the idea for Alexander Drake four years ago, the cousins continued to succeed in their respective careers while incubating the brand and business, preparing it for its launch last year. For combining entrepreneurial spirits with personal loss and infusing their brand with the soul of their late grandfather, we recognize Evan and Spencer as founders who are taking the definition of “family business” to new heights in 2021.

16. Chelsea Glaser and Mitch Glaser 
Co-founders of Fredi 

Chelsea and Mitch Glaser are the sister-brother powerhouse founders of Fredi, a wellness company helping cultivate burnout-resistant brains. Fredi was launched in 2019 with the mission of helping ambitious women feel better throughout their workday so they can perform better at work, believing the symptoms of stress, fatigue, and burnout generated by everyday life stand in the way of professional goals. Fredi’s first product, Focused by Fredi, is an all-natural daily supplement that helps you feel sharp, collected, and energized all workday long. 

The idea for Fredi was a byproduct of Mitch’s 6+ year career on Wall Street where he worked as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. The turbulent, fast-paced & high-stress lifestyle Wall Street demanded led Mitch to experiment with different bio-hacking techniques to increase his energy and manage stress. Eventually, this journey led to a transformation in his mental, physical, and professional health, laying the groundwork that Fredi was later built on. Chelsea Glaser joined her brother Mitch as Fredi’s co-founder, bringing her experience as an effervescent serial entrepreneur and brand strategist to the company. Prior to launching Fredi, Chelsea co-founded Launch It Girl,  a strategy-first brand design and communications firm helping women launch their businesses and communicate their value. Her drive to launch Fredi aligned with her mission to nurture the potential in ambitious women and help them achieve their goals. The entrepreneurial duo is passionate about holistic wellness and the development of a self-care practice intended to protect energy and nurture focus, demonstrating the value Fredi is capable of providing through the accomplishments they personally have achieved as a result of their own product.

17. Hamet Watt 
Founder and CEO of Share Ventures 

Hamet Watt is the founder of Share Ventures, a venture studio focused on solving problems by creating and investing in innovative companies intent on unlocking human potential. Watt founded Share Ventures in Los Angeles in 2020 and is currently operating as the venture studios chief executive officer. With a portfolio of incredibly successful ventures, Watt brings a vast array of experience to his role as CEO, including co-founding MoviePass and NextMedium, and serving on the corporate boards of Pathgenics, Next Pass, and Canary Health. 

The veteran venture capitalist was previously a partner at Upfront Ventures and is well-versed in the art of selecting ventures that will not only succeed, but drive impactful change for humanity. Share Ventures’ mandate is to allow innovative founders and entrepreneurs the ability to realize the full potential of their venture, providing the necessary ingredients for success. The platform assists with generating new business ideas, enabling traction, providing seed money, and driving acceleration through strategic partnerships with top influencers, corporations, and investors. Watt and his team at Share Ventures see an exciting opportunity to unlock entrepreneurial talent, stating that “... we build from a place of curiosity and we work with intentionality” in creating innovative solutions to the most important challenges of our time. 

18. Ashley Abboushi and Lisa Yu 
Co-Founders, CEO, and President of Dream Teamers 

After crossing paths in Bali and again two years later in Los Angeles, Ashley Abboushi and Lisa Yu founded Dream Teamers on April 1st, 2020 as a digital community encouraging the pursuit of dreams. The membership-based platform is bringing together a global community of passionate leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs committed to creating a positive impact in the world while living their best lives. Abboushi, Dream Teamers CEO, calls upon her experience as a lifelong learner, world explorer, Mindset Coach, and her passion for inspiring others to go after the life of their dreams. Yu, Dream Teamers President, lends her knowledge as a Business Coach, investor, and entrepreneur in guiding members through the Dream Teamers community.

“We personally have a phone call with every person who applies. We want to make sure they’re ready to show up for themselves if we provide accountability, a supportive community, and a platform for them to achieve their dreams… and it has been absolutely incredible!” says Abboushi, highlighting the attentiveness these founders are providing to their members. Abboushi and Yu match each member with a partner on a revolving basis to keep them accountable while growing their global network. Dream Teamers has been operating at capacity from day one and has been experiencing exponential growth ever since. 

19. Mike Darlington 
Founder and CEO of Monstercat 

Mike Darlington has built Monstercat into one of the most revered independent labels in dance music by way of his ingenuity and passion for the label. Graduating from the University of Waterloo with a degree in biology, Mike has always been a raver at heart. Starting Monstercat as a YouTube channel to share his friends’ music, Darlington and co-founder Ari Paunonen discovered the potential to expand it into a modern-day digital record label. Expanding the reach of music through new avenues like gaming and sync, Darlington continues to broaden the way music is consumed today by partnerships with Fortnite, Roblox, Rocket League, and Beat Saber. No idea is too big, and empowering a creative and passionate community through innovation remains the pillar of what Mike and Monstercat stands for.  
Mike has been recognized by Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the music industry in 2019. Joining alongside other exceptional entrepreneurs, Mike upholds the drive, love, and persistence it takes to build a company from the ground up. Carving himself out as a tour de force in the industry seems as though it will only continue for Mike and his Monstercat team as they expand into the live realm with major upcoming label showcases, Festival stages. and continued groundbreaking collaborative initiatives. 

20. Nano Stasiak
Founder and CEO of Nano Media 

Nano Stasiak is the Founder and CEO of Nano Media, a full-service media agency offering unparalleled marketing services. As the former partner and marketing director of TEAMLTD, Stasiak brings to Nano Media his vast industry experience. The trilingual online marketing ninja is familiar with global marketing trends having lived in five countries and visited 26. The 26-year-old has seen a lot in a short amount of time, and accomplished just as much. After leaving TEAMLTD and starting Nano Media, Stasiak is offering his client the highest standards of marketing excellence in just nine short months. 

Working with the likes of Deloitte, Shakira, Universal Music Group, and Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment to name a few, Nano Media’s mission is to be a brand that helps kick a*s brands kick a*s — curating marketing campaigns for brands, influencers, and artists. After being able to work with Shakira’s charity foundation Pies Descalzos in Colombia, a place he was able to call home for four years of his early life, Nano has mastered the art of working from a multitude of locations. From Argentina to Switzerland to Italy — to have fun while working hard, all Nano needs is his hustle mindset, his team and some speedy Wi-Fi.

21. Tara Oldridge 
CEO and Founder of Vision to Business

Tara Oldridge is an entrepreneurial catalyst, proving to women of all walks of life that professional and personal fulfillment is not only possible but attainable beyond their wildest dreams. As the founder of Vision to Business, Tara has created a workshop to support women in uncovering the powerful and impactful business inside of them. The 2-day course covers a scope of topics, spanning from “Turning your vision into a successful business” to “Master your mind and crush your limiting beliefs.” For many women, coming up with an amazing business idea isn’t the challenge, the challenge lies in creating a plan of action that promotes the idea and identifying the obstacles that could stop you along the way. As an expert in that department, Tara provides these women with the necessary tools to turn their calling into a profitable business that makes an impact in the world. 

With a depth of knowledge in entrepreneurial development, Tara brings to the Vision to Business workshop her experience launching two online Masterminds, “You are a Coach”, a 6 week intensive to building out your online coaching company and PPI Private, a high-end Mastermind for high six and seven-figure earners and influencers. Both are business and mindset programs curated to empower women’s inner entrepreneurs, propelling them along their journey of success. She was recently recognized in a Forbes article that drew attention to the tendency of female entrepreneurs to prioritize people over profits. This “People First” mentality, that Tara embodies in her work, leads to healthier profits overtime. Outside of her work as an entrepreneurial powerhouse, Tara is a passionate philanthropist, a mother of two, a wife, a woman of faith, and an eternal advocate for the importance of discovering time for family, self-care, and personal development. 

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