Authentic Heroes Enters Global Market For Authenticated Soccer Jerseys And Sets Its Sights On World Cup 2022

Authentic Heroes Welcomes Orlando Conguta, current FIFA Match Agent And Former Senior Director At Major League Soccer (“ MLS”)

Flemington, N.J., Aug. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flemington, NJ., Global Fiber Technologies (OTC PINK:GFTX) and its Authentic Heroes subsidiary is pleased to announce that Mr. Orlando Conguta has joined our the team at Authentic Heroes and is now a member of our “Advisory Board”.

Chris Giordano Global’ s Chairman and President stated, “Having Orlando Conguta join our team is truly a watershed event for our company.  Orlando’ s accomplishments are truly global in nature and on the world’s largest stage for sports. His expertise in both marketing and as a match agent will lead us to extraordinary opportunities this year and well into the future.

Futbol/Soccer is by far the most played and watched sport in the world.  Its fan base dwarfs that of other sports and the fans have a religious loyalty their teams. These are the type of fans  that are tailor made for the Authentic Heroes brand since we bring a personalization to the bond between the fan and their favorite player or team.

Soccer fans being diehard loyalists are passionate about celebrating significant moments in their team or their favorite player’s history.  Soccer standouts like Cristiano Ronaldo who has the largest following on INSTAGRAM and the first person to ever break the 200,000,000-follower mark  is an example of just how large the market can be for soccer merch is across the spectrum of great players and teams. Having Orlando spearhead those effort is integral to what we feel will be a tremendous success for our company , our brand identification and the licensing some of the greatest teams and players in soccer.

We are going to be involved  is a premium market driven by fans that spent somewhere between $90 and $398 dollars for jerseys during World Cup season. With over 3.5 Billion people watching soccer not only is the opportunity extraordinary but it will give a resonance and credence to our proposition of true authentication and value. You will know when you buy an Authentic Heroes product that there is nothing left to doubt as to whether or not it is an original and not a counterfeit item. Our measures of authenticating go well beyond anything in the marketplace today.

Adidas alone sold over 8 million jerseys during World Cup 2018. The which gives you an idea just how large the opportunity can be for Authentic working inside a premium market with our authenticated “Made From The Original” jerseys .

As large an opportunity that World Cup 2022 is for us, we are not waiting for that event to take full advantage of the world’s most watched sport. Our immediate goals previous to World Cup 2022  will be the licensing the teams and players involved in the greatest “Derbies” in Soccer.

Rivalries like Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Rangers vs Celtics or Juventus vs. Inter Milan are just some of the examples of where we will be concentrating our efforts later this year.

Our longer-range goal is being a resounding force at World Cup 2022 by delivering the fans an affordably priced piece of their favorite player’s history by utilizing  our patented Authentic Heroes manufacturing process.”

“Soccer fans will truly own a piece of history stated Paul Serbiak Global’ s CEO. In other words, authenticated fanwear that contains the fibers of a previously worn jersey from their favorite player.  

This is truly a brand extension that bonds fans with their favorite celebrities like never before.  The patented technology and manufacturing process we use exemplifies the attributes of provenance and authentication or “Made From The Original” “MFO” our moniker going forward.

The markets  are ridden with counterfeiting and nefarious activities that are just accepted to be part of the norm.  Our process removes any doubt as to whether or not something you buy from Authentic Heroes is truly authentic and made from the original article of clothing worn by a sports or music celebrity.

So, every time there is a scandal, our proposition and credibility gets a whole lot stronger.

We are looking to become the tool for democratizing the collectible clothing business by delivering a high-quality garment with true authenticated fibers from an original and can be seen with the UV penlight we provide the fan. Fans can now  own a piece of the original at a fraction of the price.”

Orlando Conguta stated “It is a true pleasure to be a part of Authentic Heroes team. I am looking forward with great enthusiasm in bringing  my  30 years of experience, relationships, and worldwide soccer connections to the Authentic Heroes platform.

Bringing fans closer to their favorite players  is such a natural given the loyalty and ardent passion evoked by soccer fans.  Authentic Heroes has the platform that can connect these great fans with a moment(s)  in their favorite player or team’s soccer history. I look forward to creating a channel for the fans, teams and players to bond like never before both before, during and after World Cup 2022” .

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