With Passport Agencies Slow to Adapt, There’s a New Normal for Passport Renewals

ItsEasy App Provides the Only COVID Safe Way to Renew Your Passport from Home; All-Inclusive and 100% Contactless

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The onset of COVID-19 created a real problem for passport agencies and centers across the country. And in turn, a problem for anyone hoping to renew or get a new passport. Passports can only be processed at secure facilities, making it nearly impossible for staff to work through passport requests from March through June 2020. Staff are slowly getting back to work at passport agencies and centers, but demand is still high, and they are working through a backlog of nearly one million passports. 

New social distancing guidelines will make it difficult for a full staff to return to the processing facilities and for travelers to visit a passport agency office in-person. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of people would be waiting inside the passport agency office. Many passport agency offices can now only accommodate a few people inside, which will leave dozens waiting out on the sidewalk. The passport process is in need of a new normal. One that empowers travelers to renew without waiting in long lines. 

ItsEasy Passport App is the answer to the New Normal. The updated app provides the only COVID-safe way to renew your passport from home, completely contact-free. Since the onset of the pandemic, the enhanced 5-star ItsEasy Passport App has helped thousands of people renew safely, securely and affordably - right from their home. 

“ItsEasy has been helping people expedite their passports for more than 40 years, and as soon as passport offices closed due to the pandemic, I knew it would cause a nightmare for the U.S. State Department and for travelers,” said David Alwadish, founder and president of ItsEasy. “We went to work immediately to update our app to ensure Americans had a contactless way to renew their passports. And it was imperative we find a way to offer our white glove concierge service at a reasonable price anyone could afford.”

Just like your favorite Caribbean resort, ItsEasy is All Inclusive. For an All Inclusive price of $34.95 plus required government fees, Americans can renew their passport, ship documents securely and even take their own passport photo, without leaving home. ItsEasy’s white glove service includes help from concierge travel experts who will review every photo and document to ensure it will not be rejected, then monitor each application through the entire process.

From the safety of your home, ItsEasy’s “All Inclusive” Renewal Program provides:

  • Perfect Passport Photos 
  • Round Trip Trackable Shipping
  • Forms and Instructions Delivered Instantly via email 
  • Pre-checked documents to ensure a perfect submission
  • 24/7/365 Live Customer Service for unlimited status processing updates
  • Complimentary Passport Renewal Reminders so you don’t forget to renew 
  • 40+ years of passport experience, A+ rating with the BBB
  • Volunteered Services for Life & Death Emergencies (Others Charge $399+) 

“Just like the name says, the process truly was easy,” said Sheryl Rhodes, an ItsEasy user. “The customer service and communications were both excellent, and there was always someone available online or on the phone to answer our questions.”

Due to the backlog and extreme delays, it is imperative travelers plan ahead and begin the passport renewal process now if they have hopes of traveling anytime soon. Perhaps one of the biggest perks of renewing your passport now, is the ability to add a REAL-ID Passport Card (additional $30 government fee) which can be used in lieu of your passport book or a non-compliant driver’s license when traveling domestically. The Passport Card does not display your address, protecting your privacy while traveling. It is also REAL-ID compliant, and all domestic flights will require a REAL ID beginning October 2021.

Download the free ItsEasy Passport App on iOS or Android to get started today.

About ItsEasy
ItsEasy has been a trusted agent of the US Department of State since 1976, authorized to provide US passport services to the public for a fee. It is the safest and most cost-effective way to renew your passport from home. 

ItsEasy has helped millions of travelers over the last 40 years. The company’s mission: “No Passenger Left Behind”, coupled with its unsurpassed customer service and honest and fair pricing set ItsEasy apart. Founder David Alwadish is so passionate about helping people travel safely, he has been volunteering his services for free to those who must travel during the pandemic for a life and death emergency. Plan ahead. Renew early. Avoid the lines. Stay safe. Save time and money. 

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