WinZip Introduces Microsoft Teams Integration, Enhances File Compression & PDF Capabilities

New productivity-boosting tools offer individuals and businesses secure solutions to manage, organize, and share files

OTTAWA, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new WinZip 25 product family provides individual, business, and enterprise customers powerful encryption, file management, and compression tools that make it easy to safely save and share files on email, the network, and the cloud. With the WinZip® 25 lineup, customers can work more productively with new Microsoft Teams integration; create smaller .Zipx files for faster, more streamlined sharing; organize and manage files more efficiently with extended Background Tools; and take advantage of enhanced PDF capabilities to boost their workflow.

“Whether for personal or business, WinZip provides essential tools for keeping files secure no matter how they’re stored or shared. And with these latest releases, we’ve continued to focus on your productivity by making it even easier to work with the platforms and formats you depend on every day,” said Bill Richard, VP of Development for WinZip.

“Our new WinZip 25 product line offers improvements to Zipx that can result in smaller files thanks to duplicate file detection. Pro and Enterprise customers can take advantage of maximum power with new PDF capabilities that simplify creating and protecting critical documents. Plus, as users depend on Microsoft Teams to stay connected even as they work apart, our new integration enables them to share files on the fly,” added Henrique Monteiro, Head of WinZip Product Management.

Microsoft Teams integration in Pro and Enterprise makes it seamless to work with clients and colleagues.

WinZip 25® Pro and WinZip® 25 Enterprise now work directly with Microsoft Teams to simplify file sharing with colleagues by making it easy to quickly send a file or folder link to one or multiple channels or chats.

In addition, customize your background on a Teams video call by adding any image you have on file – whether it’s saved locally, in the cloud, or stored in a Zip file.

With WinZip 25 Enterprise, organizations can take their Microsoft Teams integration further with support for Teams Channel SharePoint Files, making it as easy to zip, encrypt, unzip, and maintain Channel Files in SharePoint folders as if they were local folders and files. This powerful functionality simplifies sharing information with coworkers while keeping it secure.

Organize and save space, create smaller Zipx files, and streamline cloud file management.

Across all the WinZip 25 products, background tools are more powerful than ever and can be quickly accessed on the WinZip Tools ribbon. Save space by finding and removing duplicate and unused files, and organize photos with ease.

Create smaller compressed files with new duplicate file detection in Zipx. WinZip 25 deduplicates files while keeping the original file and folder structure intact, significantly decreasing the Zipx file size.

When working with cloud files, WinZip 25 now makes it easy to locate and edit files shared by others. Plus, better manage files in your own connected cloud accounts. With a few clicks, now you can organize photos by year or month, eliminating the need to spend endless time scrolling around looking for memories.

Experience enhanced PDF functionality.

Use WinZip 25 Pro or WinZip 25 Enterprise to keep PDFs secure. Whether you've created the PDF in WinZip or another application, or received it from someone else, the new ability to sign PDFs ensures the original content of the document is protected from any unauthorized changes. Taking your PDF workflow even further, WinZip 25 also now makes it easy to combine multiple file types, such as .XLS, .PNG, .DOCX, and more, into a single PDF that is ready to share in just one easy step.

WinZip 25 Enterprise offers a customizable solution ideal for larger organizations.

Based on the power of WinZip 25 Pro, WinZip Enterprise enables IT departments to implement enterprise-level encryption across their workforce and guard IP and critical data in multi-cloud network environments. Integrating directly with corporate-standard SaaS services SharePoint, Office365, and now Microsoft Teams, WinZip Enterprise can be configured to work with a variety of enterprise cloud services, including Amazon AWS Regions (including GovCloud), Microsoft Azure, Oracle, IBM Cloud, RackSpace and HP. With industry-standard AES encryption, this fully customizable solution is an essential tool for any organization working with compliance requirements, including FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197, HIPAA, DFARS, and EU regulations such as GDPR.

To learn more about the full WinZip 25 product lineup, please refer to this comparison chart.

Pricing and Availability

The WinZip 25 product line is available in 17 languages including English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese. WinZip 25 Pro is available at the suggested retail price (SRP) of $49.95 USD / £51.54 / €57.94 (in Germany). WinZip 25 is available at the SRP of $29.95 USD / £31.14 / €34.74 (in Germany). All prices in British Pounds and Euros include VAT.

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