Multiple U.S. Utilities Including Arizona Public Service and New York Power Authority Adopt Dynamic Line Rating Technology to Increase Operational Efficiencies in Electric Transmission

ATLANTA, Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As U.S. based electric utilities explore new and innovative ways to reduce operational costs and increase reliability for their customers, Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology grows with strong adoption across the country.

Ampacimon’s DLR solution places sensors on overhead transmission lines that measure real-time environmental, asset and electrical conditions and allows utilities to increase transmission capacity while also reducing congestion costs.

Additionally, Ampacimon is providing system forecasting software that allows utilities to safely and accurately forecast transmission capacity ratings into the future for use in N-1 scenarios and to reduce market constraints.

Ampacimon has deployed its patented DLR solution on the transmission T-lines of five major North American utilities in 2020 with three additional deployments planned by the end of the year.

“Dynamic Line Rating has enabled APS to safely increase transmission capacity by over 15% during peak load times allowing us to operate our existing infrastructure more efficiently and serve our customers with maximum reliability,” said Bajarang Agrawal, Engineering Manager at Arizona Public Service.

What is driving adoption?

“Utilities are experiencing shifts in load profiles due to both electrification and renewables integration. They are realizing the benefit of DLR technology as a means to increase transmission capacity during peak load times without incurring the heavy asset costs and timelines of reconductoring or erecting new infrastructure,” said Joey Alexander, Director of Business Development at Ampacimon, North America.

Ampacimon originated in Liege, Belgium and has deployed its DLR technology on hundreds of lines across the globe over the last decade.

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