Celeb Luxury Extends Affiliate Program Nationwide in Response to Pelosi Salon Visit

Salon Professionals extended a business lifeline due to limited capacities and closings

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, UNITED STATES

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sept. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the Nancy Pelosi hair salon visit now dominates national headlines and has become political, one important thing has been highlighted – the difficulty that hair dressers and salons are facing during Covid-19 simply trying to keep their businesses afloat. These political elements should not eclipse the struggle with which hair professionals and stylists are dealing.

“Our political leaders are responsible for shutting down salon businesses, and this shouldn’t be Republican or Democratic – it shouldn’t be political at all. The moves by California against hair salons are anti-beauty industry, anti-small-business, and for a large majority of the salon owners--anti-women,” states Celeb Luxury CEO, Leland Hirsch.

As a result, Celeb Luxury is extending its Affiliate Program to salons across the country. Leland states, “Celeb Luxury is extending a business lifeline to hairdressers and salons with our products. As many states are closed, others are still facing restrictions and limitations that prevent them from operating normally and earning a living. Any salon can apply to be an affiliate through our website for our entire product line of color-depositing shampoos and conditioners, and earn a 35% commission on our products that can be sold to their customers to help them refresh and enrich their color and blend their roots during this madness.”

The Affiliate Program is designed to give salons and individual stylists a high percentage of income without having to buy physical product. After a quick qualification process, the salon professional is given a code for themselves, and for their clients. Everything is handled electronically through e-commerce, without investment or carrying inventory, and is shipped directly to the end user. The program pays a weekly commission, and no physical client interaction is necessary. Salon owners, salon employees, and booth renters are all qualified to enter the program. Additionally, salon clients obtain a promo code from their salon or stylist for additional 10% discounts off of regular products and promo specials.

Celeb Luxury was founded in 2016, as the first “safe hair color” company to offer colordepositing shampoo and conditioner technology in a full range of natural, pastel, and vivid colors that can be applied in just 2-5 minutes in the shower. Leland also states, “The majority of small businesses discussed during the Corona Virus have been restaurants and gyms. Salons count for a larger quantity than gyms, and have almost as many locations as restaurants. Celeb Luxury has always been a supporter of the professional hair industry, and we are a supporter of hair professionals being able to make a living. Over 98% of these professionals are women with children, who are single mothers, and now they have politics getting in the way of enterprise. We support owners like Erica Kious of eSalon and our other salon owner-operators. They are the professionals that have been “Set-Up,” as Nancy Pelosi described herself in this situation.”

More information can be found about the Affiliate Program at: https://www.celebluxury.com/affiliate-home/affiliate-register/




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