Author Introduces a New Age of Consciousness Through Reincarnation

Cosmic Age Thinker Paula Polcini takes readers on a powerful and life-changing spiritual awakening in ‘PM’

GREENWICH, Conn., Sept. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author Paula Polcini's book, "PM: Man's Journey from Darkness to Light," is dedicated to the concept, "building the house that has everything anyone would ever want." Within her debut book, readers will experience reincarnation, and the presence of God within human beings is defined by science. Polcini will captivate readers through her direct experience in this reincarnation that the physical body is only the vehicle one is given to carry their soul or self through each reincarnation. When one passes away, the body disappears, but the soul is alive as ever. "PM" introduces a new time cycle known as The Cosmic Age, which causes a great movement to recognize all human beings' spiritual value and equality. Polcini explains her knowledge of universal law through the true stories that goaded her to dig deeper, seeking to find the roots of suffering in a quest for better answers to life's challenges.

Throughout the book, she explains that educating universal law with its undeviating justice will bring humanity to a level of consciousness where one will become aware of God's presence within their own being for the first time. This knowledge is the beginning of an awakening of humankind's unity with God and all that is. "PM" addresses that in the past three hundred years, souls have been coming into reincarnations with memories of having been here before. Individuals are receiving this new knowledge through various experiences unfolding higher consciousness levels to know the unseen reality of life.

"My goal for 'PM' is to replace Old World abstractions with New World Reality," said Polcini. "My book proves reincarnation is a fact of life and that it is a time to know we are more than our physical bodies. We must refine our consciousness before we can receive finer energies to enable us to create new combinations of elements that will bring human life to the next level of cultural development toward what we are destined to become."

"PM" ultimately addresses the number of souls coming in at this time is increasing because of the opportunity to heal and strive to the future with another unfoldment toward the truth that individuals are divine beings. Polcini will guide readers down a path to enlightenment, which is the foundation of the universe that unfolds remembrance of who an individual is, outlines what they are a part of and how they are supposed to live.

“PM: Man’s Journey from Darkness to Light”
By Paula Polcini
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8081-4 (softcover); 978-1-4525-8083-8 (hardcover); 978-1-4525-8082-1 (eBook)
Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Paula Polcini came into this reincarnation with remembrance of a house that has everything anyone would ever want.  Throughout her life, she has had visions, dream messages and guidance that led to independent studies unfolding step-by-step understanding of reincarnations.  In May of 1975, she had what Dr. Maurice Bucke, M.D., describes in his book "Cosmic Consciousness" a cosmic conscious experience that lasted for one month.  For many years she volunteered to care for people who were ill and young children who accessed Higher Knowing beyond their three-dimension, five-sense consciousness that began to build her consciousness to ever-higher levels of understanding that began to change her Old World thinking.  She worked as a secretary to Dr. Robert Atkins, where she learned more about the suppression of alternative health care.

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“PM: Man’s Journey from Darkness to Light”
By Paula Polcini

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