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New York, US, Sept. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spotify playlist placement is considered a gateway to the Music Industry. For any independent, It is deemed an essential part of their organic Spotify music Promotion campaign to reach a wider audience. At Trackpromoters, We understand the importance of being added to Spotify playlists &  understand the struggles faced by new artists while getting on reputed Spotify playlists. Getting successful Playlist placement is becoming a more challenging and time-consuming task due to the increasing competition in music industry.  We help artists with Fully Managed Playlist pitching campaigns to Get Guaranteed Targeted Playlist placements on hundreds of playlists through our organic Spotify Promotion Packages. We have managed more than 1000+ successful playlist placement campaigns for independent artists in various music genres through our exclusive contacts and partnerships, including some of the most reputed Spotify playlist curators, music blogs, Influencers, and social channels.  

Tips for Running a successful Spotify Playlist promotion campaign:
Spotify's popularity knows no bounds, and if you want to establish yourself as a musician, you must start thinking about Spotify Playlist Placement service & playlist promotion strategies! 

How to get your music on Spotify playlists?

  1. Pitch your track directly to Spotify via Spotify for Artists.
  2. Pitch your music to independent curators in your genre.
  3. Filter playlist curator's contact list 
  4. Create individual emails for every playlist
  5. Try to convert your listeners into your followers
  6. Start the Playlist pitching campaign a few weeks prior of launch.
  7. Build a strong Spotify profile and social media presence.
  8. Build your playlists.

In the Organic Spotify Music promotion campaign, The first step will be to submit your music to the famous Independent Spotify playlist curators. They would place your songs in the various playlists accordingly. Afterward, you need to strategize and take care of the promotion parts and make sure that your music reaches your target audience.

Things you can control as an artist in Spotify playlist promotion: 

  • You can fix a certain number of playlists and genres as your target 
  • The quality and strength of the music 
  • You can choose genres in Spotify  which you think suits well with your music

Things in control of Spotify playlist curators & their target listeners: 

In Playlist submission, If your song is added to playlists of your selected genre, the stream's extent would be significantly influenced by the playlist curator and their target listeners' taste. Also,

  • The rank of your music on their playlist
  • The duration for which your music would be kept on their curated playlist
  • The activity stats of their playlist listeners and followers

Spotify Playlist curator's contact list is essential for a successful Spotify playlist promotion campaign and reputed Spotify playlist placement. You need access to thousands of reputed curators who can do the job correctly and take you closer to your dream of becoming a successful artist. 

Submit your song to Spotify playlist curators 

You might be clueless regarding how to contact the best Spotify playlist curators to get the maximum benefits from their popular playlists. For submitting your song to Spotify playlist curators, you need a playlist curator connection and a thorough knowledge of the best mix of playlists that would fetch you the desired results. You may consider doing the promotional task on your own. Still, when you rely on a professional playlist curator and Spotify playlist placement service providers like Trackpromoters, you get unimaginably evident results.

Limitation's of pitching Spotify curators by yourself:

  • Playlist curators are always getting mails and playlist curating requests. So your cold emailing won't work here. You have to be catchy so that they consider your request and think about placing your newly launched track in their playlist. Only the placement professionals can get you connected with the top curators without any hassles at all! 
  • Next, you might be clueless about which ones from your preference's countless playlists are the ideal ones to choose for your Spotify playlist promotion. So, how would you know it's the best one for gaining followers and consequent success? Well, leaving this to a professional is the best thing to do in this case.

Why choose a professional Spotify playlist placement service? 

You see, the benefit you derive when you approach human playlist curators through the placement professionals is that you instantly gain followers and attention from the public. Playlist Placement experts like Trackpromoters can change the course of your career with their highly resourceful team.
Your fans would be more receptive to your tunes if your music features on the right playlists. This initial gain of trust and validation from fans and listeners help artists earn more followers, organically, and increase their ranks on Spotify at a crazy rate, thus promoting your music globally. Precisely, this is why you need to hire the Professional Spotify playlist submission service providers.

But that's not all! Let's take a look at some of the other advantages that you can get from hiring the spotify music promotion experts like Trackpromoters,

  • Make your song available & reach new listeners 
  • Find fan following for your music 
  • Boost your play stats in Spotify. 
  • Also, feature on the top playlists, thus increasing your reach.

That's pretty much everything craved by all the new and independent artists out there. Isn't it? But certain elements can have an impact on your Spotify playlist submission campaign and its results. You can only enjoy these lucrative opportunities when you choose the right playlists where you want your track to be featured. The playlists that belong to your genre should be the ideal in this case. To get the most out of your organic Spotify music promotion campaign, it's essential to get hold of human playlist curators who would place your music in the right playlist. That is where established organic Spotify Music promotion services experts like Trackpromoters come in as a savior!

How does professional placement service work? 

The only way to be featured in the best playlists is by opting for the experts. They would do the needful to push your music to millions of listeners, guaranteeing unlimited streams and optimum exposure. When you contact any professional playlist placement service, they do all the necessary prep work beforehand only. Even before you start composing your music, they know your chord progression, music melody, etc. 

Once they get all information related to your music, they adopt a unique music marketing approach, allowing you to design your playlist promotion event on Spotify.
Now, it's the job of your music marketer to bring more exposure to your music. They weed out the wrong playlists, placed your tracks in the best ones, and collaborated with curators and whatnot. Professionals allow you to choose how, what and where you want to promote your music and make sure that you get the fame and recognition you desire. Now it's time to take a look at how it's done!

Top 3 organic Spotify promotion techniques:

  • Targeted Real playlist placements
    It's essential to engage more with your target audience before you go ahead to promote your music. Trackpromoters Playlist Outreach experts ensure your track reaches hundreds of real playlist in a short time, giving organic exposure and a viral boost to the campaign. Playlists are filtered for every artist before outreach based on the track's genre and the target region.  

  • Promotion through Music Blogs and Premium News Publications
    Another effective method of promoting your music is PR  campaigns and music blog submission services. PR campaigns are especially useful for self-branding and brand recognition of artists. Trackpromoters have collaborated with top music blogs and 100+ News Publications to promote  Tracks through Press releases and News Coverage, potentially exposing your music to the maximum extent. The more music influencers, bloggers, and news publications talk about your music; the more is organic music promotion resulting in thousands of Real streams, followers, and monthly listeners.

  • Social media and Email Marketing Campaign
    One of the most popular approaches towards marketing is establishing a dynamic and active digital community. This approach is best suitable for music artists. Trackpromoters promotes your music in online communities specifically interested in discovering new talents on various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Trackpromoters Pro Packages also include Email marketing campaigns to genre-specific subscribers, including DJ's, Labels. The aim is to make sure that artists can form and nurture an online community of followers & listeners & persuade their audience to co-market their tracks and albums together.

    That's not all, though there are numerous other tools & techniques used by these companies to provide artists with the best possible Spotify playlist placement & promotion services. In case you are still looking for a reliable platform for your latest release, you can put your faith in Trackpromoters!

Why choose Trackpromoters?

  • submit your album to a targeted team of playlist curators for Gaurateed Playlist Placement
  • No matter what your music genre is, you would pay only to get exposure and success. 
  • Trackpromoters exclusively delivers services to independent artists who are new to this industry. 
  • Trackpromters exclusive network includes thousands of playlist curators, influencers, bloggers, News Publications, etc. 
  • Till now, Trackpromoters has done countless successful campaigns, collaborating with over 500+ artists and bands. 
  • A detailed work proof report will be provided at the end of the complete Organic Spotify music promotion services campaign.

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Trackpromoters helps artists with 100% Real and Organic Spotify music promotion services. From delivering the best Spotify Playlist placement and submission service to connecting you with the top Spotify playlist curators for hundreds of real Spotify playlist submission, Trackpromoters would do it all for you. Trackpromoters employ the best team and the most effective techniques & approaches available for organic Spotify music promotion services in the industry.

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