Digital Lending Capital Corp conducts first trade using Zero Hash for Digital Asset Settlement

Lending platform DLCC has partnered with Zero Hash to for regulated settlement

CHICAGO, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Lending Capital Corp (DLCC), a provider of enterprise grade technology and services for crypto lending and Prime Brokerage, today announced they have executed their first trade leveraging Zero Hash, the API driven financial service providing the regulatory and technology rails for the digital asset ecosystem. Through the partnership, DLCC will be offering crypto prime brokerage solutions for institutional clients.

"We are pleased that DLCC is leveraging the Zero Hash compliance and technology building blocks,” said Edward Woodford, CEO of Zero Hash. “Zero Hash empowers innovators building Finance 2.0 by processing deposits and withdrawals as well settling transactions with complete customization in a regulated ecosystem.” 

“DLCC is very excited to add Zero Hash to our product suite, and we look forward to introducing a state-of-the-art crypto prime brokerage offering through this partnership,” said James Runnels, Co-Founder & CEO of DLCC. “Through the partnership, DLCC will be offering institutional clients the suite of compliant products and services that they are accustomed to from traditional asset classes with the added advantage of cutting-edge tools that are unique to the digital asset class.”

"DV Chain is excited to be working with DLCC by providing liquidity to their platform, in addition to using it to help manage risks around lending,” said Michael Rabkin, Head of Institutional Sales, DV Chain. “The DLCC team has put together an institutional offering that is unique to the market. With the support of Zero Hash, whom DV Chain has been working extensively with for the last couple of years to improve the efficiency of the post trade settlement process, we believe the DLCC platform will make a strong impact in the ecosystem."

Similar to how “Banking as a Service” enabled FinTechs to focus on building products, Zero Hash provides the infrastructure to clear and settle digital assets in a completely automated and regulated way. Key features include:

  • Account / Sub account structure: Verify real-time account balances and deposits across all assets, with ownership validation.
  • Asset lock: Lock and unlock the withdrawals of assets in real time for committed and exited transactions.
  • Transfer: Transfer the ownership of assets with Zero Hash providing the regulatory framework to serve 95%+ of the US population. All transfers can be automated with a full screening of assets to ensure compliance and peace of mind.
  • Transactions: Access detailed transaction history with real time transaction updates across 600+ transaction pairs.

About Zero Hash

Zero Hash’s mission is to empower innovators by delivering access to the financial system 2.0. Zero Hash enables developers and businesses to focus on building experiences and products. We power your favorite brokerage app or neo bank to offer BTC, provide the rails to the 2.0 payment processors, give platforms the ability to facilitate instantaneous cross border payments and eliminate complexity for moving assets for the world’s largest liquidity providers.

Zero Hash is a FinCen-registered Money Service Business as well as a regulated Money Transmitter that can operate in more than 40 states (providing coverage to roughly 95% of the US population). Zero Hash also holds a virtual currency license from NYDFS.

In 2019, Zero Hash was voted Innovator of the Year by the Profit & Loss Readers Choice Awards.

About DLCC

DLCC’s mission is to set the industry standard for crypto prime brokerage solutions with our cutting-edge, rules-based technology suite.

DLCC’s product suite is geared towards institutional participants such as asset managers, custodians, banks, and broker-dealers.

By applying best practices from traditional asset classes, while staying committed to the benefits of digitally native assets, DLCC has built a best in class fully customizable product offering.

Edward Woodford
James Runnels