Claritas Analyzes 834 Million Podcast Impressions and Finds that Podcast Lift Rates are up to 30X Higher than Other Channels

New report uses Claritas lift analytics tools to calculate conversions from podcast campaigns spanning 36 months and multiple industries

Cincinnati, OH, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claritas®, a data-driven company that helps companies achieve superior marketing ROI, today released a new report entitled Podcast Campaign Lift: A Guide to Accurately Analyzing Campaign Conversion Rates. The report provides new insight into the return on investment (ROI) provided by podcast campaigns. It also shares how marketers can more accurately measure ROI on any marketing campaign.

The number of podcasts have doubled in recent years, growing from 500,000 to more than 1 million. And the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and eMarketer both project marketers will spend $1 billion on podcast advertising in 2021. But historically, marketers had no good way to track the effectiveness of those campaigns.

That’s why Claritas leverages a unique methodology called “incremental lift analysis” that allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of previously hard-to-measure advertising channels such as podcasts. Using its proprietary lift methodology and analytics tools, Claritas set out to answer the question: “How well are podcast campaigns actually contributing to incremental engagements and/or conversions?”

To answer this question, Claritas analyzed 834 million podcast impressions that spanned across 158 campaigns over 36 months and multiple industries. The results were compelling: Lift rates in many key industries – including automotive, insurance, consumer goods, telecommunications and retail – ranged from 23.5% to 79%. That’s up to 30 times higher than the average lift rates for non-podcast channels such as digital display, print and linear TV, which average around 2.6%.

The research for the report was conducted in partnership with Entercom, one of the country’s top media companies and a leading creator, distributor and seller of top-rated podcast content. Entercom is leveraging Claritas’ industry-leading identity graph – which encompasses a proprietary data set of over 255 million consumers across over 600 million devices and 10,000+ demographic and behavioral insights  – to compare the buying behaviors of those households that listened to the podcast to those of similar non-listening audiences. This unique methodology isolates and measures specific marketing campaigns with never-before-available precision, allowing marketers to optimize campaigns as they run to maximize their return on investment.

“Claritas clients are using our unique lift methodology to measure the effectiveness of their online and offline marketing channels – from podcasting to display ads and email campaigns,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “Using our proprietary Claritas attribution and lift analysis tools, marketers can analyze engagements and conversions based on channel, message, audience, partner and much more. Claritas’ unique methodology is the ideal measurement tool for multichannel campaigns.”

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