Mesa Air Group Reports August 2020 Operating Performance

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

PHOENIX, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mesa Air Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MESA) today reported Mesa Airlines’ operating performance for August 2020.

Mesa Airlines reported 18,747 block hours in August 2020, a 52.1 percent drop from August 2019 as a result of reduced schedules during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also reported a controllable completion factor of 100 percent and 99.97 percent for its American and United operations, respectively.

Operating statistics for August 2020 and fiscal year 2020 YTD are included in the table below.

 Aug-20Aug-19% Change YTD FY2020YTD FY2019% Change
Block Hours       
American7,136 16,968 -57.9% 124,563 182,857 -31.9%
United11,611 22,207 -47.7% 166,767 236,894 -29.6%
Total18,747 39,176 -52.1% 291,330 419,751 -30.6%
 Aug-20Aug-19% Change YTD FY2020YTD FY2019% Change
American4,089 10,081 -59.4% 71,358 105,962 -32.7%
United5,960 11,611 -48.7% 84,222 120,168 -29.9%
Controllable Completion Factor*       
American100.00%97.10%3.0% 99.75%98.87%0.9%
United99.97%98.98%1.0% 99.94%99.52%0.4%
Total Completion Factor**       
American99.46%94.96%4.7% 93.90%95.68%-1.9%
United94.98%98.07%-3.2% 94.97%98.27%-3.4%

*Controllable Completion Factor excludes cancellations due to weather and air traffic control
**Total Completion Factor includes all cancellations

About Mesa Air Group, Inc.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Mesa Air Group, Inc. is the holding company of Mesa Airlines, a regional air carrier providing scheduled passenger service to 88 cities in 38 states, the District of Columbia and Mexico. As of August 31, 2020, Mesa operated a fleet of 145 aircraft with approximately 324 daily departures and 3,400 employees. Mesa operates all of its flights as either American Eagle or United Express flights pursuant to the terms of capacity purchase agreements entered into with American Airlines, Inc. and United Airlines, Inc.

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