WebMetrix Group On The Top 10 Real Estate Agents To Watch in 2021 Share Their Insights

Jackson, Wyoming, UNITED STATES

Jackson, WY, Sept. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WebMetrix Group interviewed agents based on innovative approaches with great reputations across many platforms and who were genuinely wanting to help.

Ryan Serhant, Nest Seekers International

The pandemic is bad, but with it comes opportunity and understanding that most people have been attached to their tv and phone during these last few months. Residential homes may now be worth more now than in February. My best piece of advice is to be patient and when ready to sell, make it seem like an amazing upgrade by doing some of the following: declutter, paint, clean the windows, clean up the landscape. Most importantly remember the pandemic may have put some markets at a stoplight temporarily which isn’t a repeat of 2008, and these times haven’t changed contract law which means people are still moving and banks are still lending money. 

William Lewis, CEO Williams Luxury Homes

To succeed in the sale of your property, I believe it’s crucial to hire a realtor who has niched down into the type of real estate that you are selling as that is their specialty. These specialists will be familiar with the markets, trends, the local school system, different commuting options as well as the hot spots around town and how that will affect the value of your property whether you are seeking to sell or buy. By hiring someone who can speak knowledgeably about surrounding areas will instantly help you be known as the local expert to go to.

Allison Gaddy, eXp Realty

The most important duty of agency representation is fiduciary responsibility, therefore you should hire an agent who will act as a trusted advisor and is committed to ensuring their interests are wholly represented because more than ever we need trusted advisors to help us navigate life’s most complex decisions. 

As a trusted advisor it is critical that we as agents leverage innovative technology to ensure our clients save time, maximize their safety, and accomplish their goals

Todd Montgomery, Compass 

Real Estate is a game of building relationships through trust. I’ve learned very early that those who cut corners are quickly surpassed by those who continue to display integrity, honesty, and open communication with their clients. My best advice? Hire the agent who desires to be the type of agent they wish they had when they were in the market purchasing their first property. With this, you will be able to know that your agent understands exactly what to look for when showing you a property to purchase

Jado Hark, The Elite Agency

I tell clients when looking to purchase a home, you need an agent who understands the fact that whilst rates have never been lower, which may tempt you to buy something that wasn’t available before due to increased buying power, it isn’t always the best decision. As we are in uncharted territory right now thanks to the pandemic, and whilst it’s unlikely the rates will change even after the election, the most important thing is to be patient and get the right home at the right deal. I believe our duty is to be patient and help clients make decisions that they won’t regret after the novelty of moving wears off.  

Penny O’ Brien, Baird and Warner 

My #1 piece of advice is to ask the agent about staging. When an agent has a top-notch stager on hand, houses will typically sell over-asking price if staged correctly. Properly staging a property is a clear indication that the agent values your home and their relationship with you by the fact they are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. By creating this type of experience, you are not only able to generate repeat referrals for the service you have performed but also potentially generate new business from those who view the property you are selling when it comes to selling their homes. 

Jennifer Patterson, Keller Williams Realty

The most important advice I could give is to treat every deal the same. Doesn’t matter the size of the transaction. Pour your heart and soul into giving each customer an amazing Real Estate buying or selling experience and the money will come. If you are solely in Real Estate to chase the money, you are in the wrong business.

Jay Becker, Pacific Sotheby’s International

Nurturing relationships tend to become highly overlooked in Real Estate. If you can take a long-term approach, you will find much more success than the agent simply chasing a commission. Follow up with each client, check-in frequently, and make sure all of their home-buying questions are answered thoroughly, with the same level of care you would show your mother or father.

Tim Rodland, Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas

When preparing to sell your home, you want to consider is this a seller’s market? Most sellers are better off holding out for the market to change if they aren’t desperate to sell. When looking to work with an agent, you want one who is well versed in the art of negotiations so you can claim the best possible price. To take these points further, the luxury real estate market in The Bahamas has become more attractive as people want to escape the city for seclusion, privacy, and most of all space whilst enjoying the unparalleled beauty that The Bahamas has to offer.

Matt Brown, William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance

I am telling clients to get an agent early, even before you are ready to purchase a home, I personally would rather take time before they are ready, build a relationship and learn about the client’s needs and goals so I can help them find what they are seeking. One of the main reasons for this is, in the northeast, we are seeing that the competition is rising, supply is dwindling and there are more buyers than homes available. So when you find something you like, you can go for it asap and not hesitate because you have worked with your trusted advisor already to be prepared, and we have seen buyers miss out on their dream homes for taking too long to make a decision.


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