Defi, Tron, and Who Might Win the Next Blockchain Race

London, UK, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blockchain insiders are exploring what may seem like surprising places.

TRON CEO Justin Sun said, “I definitely believe defi is one of the most important trends in our industry. The reason is very simple: defi basically proved that we can have a decentralized way of providing all finance products.”

In The Great Bay Area International Blockchain Week hosted by Cointelegraph China and Cointelegraph, Sun’s remote speech was about how to become the winner of the next generation public blockchain race. A central point he made was about defi. 

Trending now, defi means “decentralized finance” and yields a crypto ecosystem made up of financial apps designed on leading blockchain platforms. Defi’s marketcap already reached almost $9 billion USD. 

Using defi technology, one can build smart contracts with codes that facilitate the actions of intermediaries, including managing and accepting deposits, handling collateralized loans and liquidating collateral assets as per the terms of the contracts should their values fluctuate. 

Trondemic has become part of this mainstream ecosystem. This explosive development has also been met with a rapid price increase of some tokens associated with various defi protocols. All of these reasons are clear indicators that crypto investors and enthusiasts can benefit from Trondemic as interest rises and decentralized finance becomes a reality. 

Tron transactions are conducted in seconds for free. Defi can cost a hundred dollars or more, underscoring why it should be used for Ethereum. Sun encourages investors and enthusiasts to move from Ethereum to Tron and get the most from defi. 

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