Los Angeles,  CA -, Sept. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two celebs out on the town! On Tuesday afternoon, model and media personality, Kelsea Moscatel was spotted all over town with her new celeb bestie Larsa Pippen. After the two went to lunch at The Ivy on Robertson Blvd., they made their way over to the Grove for some shopping. 

Paparazzi caught them shopping for some new makeup at M.A.C., which is no surprise considering these two always have to be picture perfect for their careers and the paps constantly following them around! The two moms have so much in common as they are both media personalities and mothers, it’s no wonder their friendship blossomed so quickly.

On top of all that, both of the supermodels were recently on the covers of Maxim France! Kelsea made history as the first to be on the cover as a couple with her husband Cole. The two bombshells were seen leaving in the same car after their visit to the Grove, and while the paps weren’t able to see where they went next, it is assumed they both headed back to Larsa’s pad in the Valley. Both the women live very close to each other near the Encino area. This is sure looking to be like the new celeb friendship we didn’t know we needed!

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