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California City, USA, Sept. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a world where our culture idealizes impersonal interaction, one young entrepreneur is capitalizing on the opportunity to expand a new business. Cody Cruz grew up with a love for social media in an ever-growing, interconnected world. Being and staying connected in 2020 seems like a simple task; after all, we are surrounded by countless methods of creating and posting content. Cruz aims to aid his clients in controlling their social media content and distribution. His impressive list of work experience adds to his overall ambiance of a professional manager - whether that be with social media or personal connection.

Indulging in social media management was always easy for Cruz. Growing up along the shores of Newport Beach, California, the young entrepreneur noticed the popularity of uprising media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more were all becoming the new craze. Exploring this new idea of connecting online, Cruz secured an internship with the management company Gigg. While working under the mentorship of Scott Warner, Cruz amassed the skills needed to branch out and create his own name and company. He soon created his own social media management business, working with countless celebrities, athletes, and corporations. 

The challenges of starting up a small business presented themselves bluntly. Cruz and his accomplices juggled the complication of convincing clients to entrust their business operations with them. “Without any previous achievements in the field, we had nothing to guarantee our customers that we were the best team for the job,” Cruz reflects. With hard work and a few lucky breaks, Cruz has built a successful, experienced track record. The drastic change speaks for itself as his company has become one of the fastest-growing social media management companies in the industry. 

The future endeavors for Cody Cruz and his business seem limitless. The dedication present to prioritize the needs of their customers at the expense of personal gain is admirable. “At all times, we ensure the customers' requirements are met as well as going the extra mile to offer more satisfactory services,” Cruz says. “We are profit-driven like most social media companies, but customer satisfaction takes the lion’s share of our scope.”

As social media becomes more present in our everyday lives, it can be challenging to stay focused on all the moving parts. The rise of media management companies allows individuals and companies to remain focused on their personal goals. Cody Cruz and his company are doing just that. By putting their customers first, they are providing access to a simple, effective service to anyone in need of marketing help. 

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