Spectral Design & Test Inc. Announces 3rd Generation 45RFSOI Low Power SRAM Targeted at the 5G Mobile Device SoC Market

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SOMERVILLE, N.J., Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectral Design & Test Inc. (SDT), a leading provider of embedded Memory Development platform is announcing immediate availability of a third generation SRAM Memory Compiler in the Global Foundries 45 RF SOI process that substantially reduces leakage power by a factor of 35X compared to the standard memory IP in that process. This solution will address the low power requirements of the millimeter wave 5G infrastructure manufacturers who are integrating RF & digital designs on a SOI process.

5G base station and infrastructure is currently being deployed by many customers in the Global Foundries 45nm RF SOI process, this enables customers to integrate the RF Analog and the Digital back planes onto one chip. This Low Power SRAM from SDT will enable migration to battery operated systems.

“Recently we have begun to see a significant increase in interest for low power solutions on the 45 RFSOI node,” said Michael Walton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SDT. “To address this market, SDT deployed it’s 3rd generation low power Memory IP Architecture resulting in a significant reduction in active leakage power without any impact on the physical dimensions and only a 30% reduction in speed. Most of our customers rated speed requirements for their applications to be only secondary.” Michael further added, “Upon a survey of a dozen 45-RFSOI customers dynamic leakage & to some extent dynamic power would be a primary concern for their millimeter wave applications.” SDT’s Low power solution also has the option to further reduce dynamic power based on the modalities of usage of the SRAMs in the targeted applications. For customers looking for on-chip test & repair, Spectral offers an option to generate synthesizable RTL that is verified on a Cadence synthesis flow.

SDT is member of the RFwave partnership at Global Foundries providing foundry sponsored Foundation Memory Compilers. They are also a Silver Sponsor of the Global Foundries GTC 2020 Conference that will be held on September 24th. Our Virtual Exhibit Booth will be available during the Conference to provide more detailed information on the latest advances in the high speed low power embedded MemoryIP .

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